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Newton Centre is a village of Newton, Massachusetts. The main commercial center of Newton Centre is a triangular area surrounding the intersections of Beacon Street, Centre Street, and Langley Road. It is the largest downtown area among all the villages of Newton, and serves as a large upscale shopping destination for the western suburbs of Boston. Newton City Hall is located at 1000 Commonwealth Avenue in Newton Centre.

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Mayor Warren would like to know what you are thinking and how he can improve municipal services and enhance the quality of life in your village. This survey is the first step in a new initiative by Mayor Warren to increase dialogue between Newton residents, businesses, and City Government. Based on your responses, we will hold community meetings to discuss your topics of interest and develop joint strategies to address your concerns. We appreciate your feedback and comments!

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View the Community Engagement Team April 4, 2013 presentation at the Merchant's Coalition Meeting

Did you know that the Traffic Council voted to change many 1-hour parking meters to 2-hour parking meters to better accommodate those shopping, dining, and visiting Newton Centre, and that some 2-hour parking meters were changed to 12-hour parking meters to better accommodate the long-term parking needs of employees? See a Revised Parking Map.

Community Development Projects

Newton Centre Playground Pathway – 2006 to present

This ongoing project has been composed of six phases to implement the Master Plan for the Newton Centre Playground and Park. The project began with the installation of the three handicap parking spaces, including one for a van, at the Mason-Rice School. An additional phase of the project was funded with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding, the project involved the installation of an accessible parking space and several accessible paths.  The design and approval process is underway for two additional paths, one from the basketball court to the water fountain at the tennis courts and another connecting that bubbler to Centre Street.  These two phases will be completed in summer 2014. 

City Hall - War Memorial Vertical and Acoustical Access – 2013

The City is currently working with the Public Buildings Department to conduct a feasibility study for the installation of an elevator to provide access to people with mobility disabilities to the War Memorial.  The study also involves improving the acoustics in the room to make it more accessible to people with hearing disabilities.

For information on development projects in your village, please call the Planning Department at (617) 796-1120.

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