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Welcome to the Department of Animal Control

Officer Lisa Mikoleit

Phone:     617-796-2109
Fax:          617-796-3687

Animal Inspector - Health Department
Phone:     617-796-1420            

Animal Bites and Dead Animals

Rabies Information on the Mass.Gov website

If you need to hire a wildlife removal professional, here's how to find one that uses humane, effective practices: Humane Wildlife Control Companies

There are several pest control companies that will trap and remove wildlife from your residence. The City of Newton will not contract, endorse or recommend to residents any particular company.

Animal Rehabilitation
Mammals - Northeast Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition
State Website for Rehabilitation Specialists
Tufts Wildlife Clinic - Grafton, MA

Contact a State Biologist
    Northeast District Office, Ayer   
    85 Fitchburg Road
    Ayer, MA 01432

Wild Animals

Bats  - Capturing

Bats  - Homeowner's Guide to Bats and Bat Problems

Bats  - In the Home

Bats  - Inspect for

Bees on City Property - Please contact Parks & Recreation at 617-796-1500

Bees on Private Property - Animal Control does not remove bees. Please contact a private contractor.

Black Bears

Coyotes and coyote safety


Finding Young Wildlife




Injured Wildlife

Living with Wildlife

Moving Wildlife (Mass.Gov/wildlife)



Squirrels in general

Squirrels in the Attic

Squirrels in  the House

Squirrels in the Chimney


Wild Turkey



Domestic Animals

Service Animals

Cats - Found a Cat

Cats - Outdoors

Dogs - Off leash Dog Parks

Hot Cars Kill Pets

Service Animals

Permits related to the keeping of animals and live fowl

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