Animal Bites and Dead Animals

Animal Bites

  • For animal bites please call 911 or our non-emergency line at 617-796-2100 and speak to the dispatcher.
  • Do not leave a message on the Animal Control voice mail. 
  • An officer will respond to take the report.
  • Dogs and Cats need to be quarantined; you can quarantine at your home.
  • If we can find the wild animal we will test it for rabies.

Dead Animals

On Private Property

  1. Place the animal in a plastic bag and set the bag near the curb in the front of your residence. Wear gloves to prevent direct contact with the animal.
  2. Call Newton City Hall at 617-796-1000 and Customer Service will notify DPW to pick up the animal.
  3. The dead animal can also be placed in your trash container.
  4. If you are unable to bag the animal or place it at the curb, notify customer service.

On Public Property

  1. Call Newton City Hall Customer Service at 617-796-1000 with the location of the animal.

You Can Also Use Newton311

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