Engaging with the Health and Human Services Department

As fall kicks off, we invite you to engage with Newton HHS and its numerous programs and services that support the department’s mission to protect, promote and sustain the health, harmony, and well-being of all Newton residents, in a culturally-sensitive, customer-friendly manner. Our focus is on prevention. Read on to find out how.

The Newton Medical Reserve Corps is looking for engaged community members to assist in developing and implementing a new community outreach program. We are recruiting volunteers to help us create a cohort of HHS ambassadors who will be trained on the department’s major initiatives and then share that knowledge throughout the community. These important volunteers will help us reach further into the community, building relationships with community leaders. Both medical and non-medical volunteers are needed. No previous public health experience is necessary. Visit www.newtonma.gov/mrc to learn more.

Newton PATH (substance use disorder work) is looking for interested Newton residents to spearhead a community event that will support family & friends of people struggling with addiction. The event will take place fall 2017. For more information (including how to sign up), visit our website at www.newtonma.gov/newtonpath

Complete our survey: We want to know what areas of public health and human services you consider the most important. Please take our survey so we can learn a little about you, and what you think. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/surveyhhs

Join our mailing list: We send an e-newsletter, once or twice per month, with all the latest updates from the department, and relevant health related information. Visit our website to sign up at www.newtonma.gov/health You’ll also find links there to follow us on social media. We have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and would love to be social with you!

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