Kids Summer Reading Challenge Kickoff Party!

On June 21st, join Mayor Warren & the Newton Free Library for the Summer Reading Kickoff at City Hall.  Find out all the details about summer reading; grab a snack; and enjoy One-Man Circus in-a-Suitcase, who gives everyone an opportunity to participate in an enthralling, whimsical celebration of the imagination. From Kevin O’Keefe’s suitcase an entire circus emerges: tent, band, lights, the boisterous ringmaster Steve Fitzpatrick, the officious Mervin Merkle, the incredible Bumbilini Family, the Magician to the Stars Clyde Zerbini, and Keefer–an innocent trying to runaway and join the circus.

This event is for kids aged preschool through rising 6th graders. For more information, visit:

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