2017 City Census - Last Call to Respond

The City Clerk’s Office announces Last Call for the 2017 City Census. The majority of Newton’s residents have returned their 2017 Census forms, but if you have been procrastinating in getting your form returned to the Clerk’s Office, and you have no changes on the form, you can now respond to the census on-line.  With census form in hand, use the link below to quickly and easily let us know that you have no changes to make:


If you do have changes, please write them out on the form, sign it, and mail it back to the City Clerk’s Office as soon as possible. Returning the census each year keeps your voter registration status active.

For more information about the Annual Census, please visit the City Clerk’s section of the City of Newton website: http://www.newtonma.gov/gov/clerk/default.asp

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