Highland Ave Bridge Demolition

This weekend, Nov. 4th-6th, Highland Ave over I-95 will be detoured to allow the demolition of the existing Highland Ave Bridge, creating significant traffic delays in the area.

I-95 under the existing Highland Avenue Bridge will also be closed to ensure public safety during the demolition period.

Demolition operations will first occur on the east side of the bridge (over I-95 Northbound), from 8PM on Friday to 3PM on Saturday, followed by the west side of the bridge (over I-95 Southbound), from 6PM on Saturday to 3PM on Sunday. Between the hours of 3PM and 6PM on Saturday, project team members will transition from the detour of the I-95 Northbound mainline to the I-95 Southbound mainline.

At present it is anticipated that there will be a period of time during this transition during which both North and Southbound mainlines are detoured. Appropriate signage and police details will be present to guide traffic to the detoured routes.

For additional information and detour maps, click here.

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