Please Join Us Wednesday To Honor Veterans: 10am-12pm

During the ceremony on Wednesday, November 11, several veterans will be honored by the City of Newton.  Certificates of appreciation will be given to:

Angelo Taranto : World War II , U.S. Army

Albert Feldman: World War II, U.S.  Army     

Tom Shoemaker : Korea, U.S. Navy

Charles Petitti:  Korea, U.S. Marines

Roy Maclean: Korea, U.S. Marines

John Taranto: Vietnam, U.S. Navy

Michael Mazzola: Vietnam, U.S. Army

Angus Maclean: Persian Gulf, U.S. Marines

Thomas Conneely: Persian Gulf, U.S. Army

 Marsha Fearing: Persian Gulf, U.S. Army

Joseph Manzo: Cold War, U.S. Navy

Charles Glavic: Operation Iraqi Freedom, U.S. Marines/U.S. Navy

Zachary Franks: Operation Enduring Freedom(Afghanistan) U.S. Marines

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