Updated Zoning Ordinance

At the October 5, 2015 regular meeting of the Board of Aldermen, the Board adopted the updated Zoning Ordinance, which takes effect on November 1, 2015.

The updated ordinance represents the City’s first steps to enhance the usability of these regulations by: clarifying ambiguities and inconsistencies; improving legibility through the application of simpler language; use of more illustrations and tables; the creation of use tables to better explain permit processes and standards in each zoning district; using hyperlinked cross-references to increase functionality; and the utilization of a document format to improve legibility and transparency.

In addition, these updated regulations establish clear direction for property owners and developers as to appropriate location, amount, and mix of land development throughout the community, and will help guide land use decisions.

You may purchase a copy of the updated ordinance from the City Clerk's Office if you wish.   

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