The ABCs of Zoning Relief for Housing Developments in Newton

A Residents' Guyide to How Developers get Permits and how the Community can have its Say


• Ever wonder how real estate developers obtain permits for housing developments in Newton?

• Ever wonder what opportunities there are for community engagement?

• Would you like someone to demystify for you the basic process and some of the jargon- "Special Permit Process", "40B", "Friendly 40B", "ZBA ", "Local Initiative Program", "Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance", "SHI" and "HAC"?

The Waban Area Council is pleased to organize an educational session on permitting for housing developments under Mass. Ch. 40B or Newton's Special Permit laws. Come learn about the steps in the process and the opportunities for community engagement along the way. This educational session will consist of a panel presentation featuring housing officials from the City of Newton and other public officials and will be moderated by a Waban neighbor.

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