Mayor's Remarks at Newtown Vigil

This evening we are here to send our thoughts, prayers and unequivocal support to the town of Newtown, CT. As our nation mourns, more questions than answers arise about how this horrific event could take place.

As a parent, like many of us in Newton I feel a special sense of loss as I reflect on the tragedy of last week. I also feel a strong sense of responsibility to communicate the sentiments that many have expressed in the last few days. Out of the pain we all feel for the victims and victim’s families, we work together on how we can do better. It includes our own review of safety procedures in our schools that is in process with the police and school department, and a critical look at mental health services at all levels of government.

As President Obama said this afternoon, “The fact that this problem is complex can no longer be an excuse for doing nothing.’’ I hope you will join me in supporting the President’s effort to reduce gun violence across the country.

Our work must also include support for national efforts for sensible gun control like the one I am a part of with Mayor Menino of Boston and Mayor Bloomberg of New York.

13 villages one community means that we come together, regardless of background or walk of life to support our brothers and sisters no matter where they are from or where they live. Tonight I want to encourage everyone to drop a note or card to send our love and prayers to the community of Newtown.

The process of healing will take years, but Newtown will know the City of Newton is with them now and we will keep them in our hearts and minds in the months ahead.

Thank you for coming- God bless Newton, God bless Newtown, and God bless the United States of America.

Collecting Notes For the Newtown Community

Residents are invited to bring unsealed cards, letters or notes to members of the Newtown community. The letters will be collected and sent at the end of the week. A collection box will be inside the main entrance to Newton City Hall, where letters can be dropped off through the end of the day this Friday, December 21st .

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