City Council Meetings during the Covid-19 Emergency

 To:   Newton Citizens

From Susan Albright, President

          Rick Lipof, Vice President

          Newton City Council

Re:    Remote participation at Council meetings

Date: 3/13/20

In accordance with Governor Baker's Emergency Executive Order of 3/12/20, the City Council  will meet fully remotely for the health and safety of Councilors and the public during the Massachusetts Covid-19 State of Emergency.   The City Council will be using Zoom software to run meetings online for the immediate future. Our Clerk will add a link to our meetings in agendas on the City Council website.   The remote conferencing software will allow the public to join the Council and participate in nearly the same manner that we have always operated.  A citizen may log in and listen/view screens, and if there is a public hearing, citizens will be able to "raise their hands", be recognized and speak at the appropriate time.  Our City Clerk will provide information about how to join in.   Please bear with us as we use this new method - hopefully everything will go smoothly but please be patient as we all learn this new technology.  The City Clerk is coordinating with NewTV and it is their intention to also televise the meetings on NewTV.   We thank you for your understanding and participation in this new way.  The Council wishes that all Newtonians stay healthy.

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