Many of you have reached out this week with your questions and concerns about COVID-19.

The Newton Health and Human Services Department has developed a Frequently Asked Questions section on the COVID-19 webpage. It can be found by scrolling to the bottom here: It includes questions and answers about travel, what to do if you think you may have symptoms, and other Newton specific information. We plan to update this resource as we hear more from you about what information you need.

With so many possible information sources and so much reporting on COVID-19, it can be difficult to discern what is accurate information. We urge residents to use reliable sources. Specifically, we direct you to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 website. It contains volumes of accurate information and is updated frequently:

Finally, we know that this is an unsettling time for many people and that you may be feeling anxious. In historical situations, anxiety has inadvertently led people to behave in a way that is stigmatizing and discriminating to people who they associate with the illness. We want to urge everyone to continue to embrace our strong, unified, compassionate, and richly diverse community.

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