Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance- What you need to know

In July 2019, Newton City Council passed an ordinance (that expands upon the December 2015 plastic bag reduction ordinance) requiring businesses to provide compostable or reusable bags at checkout instead of plastic bags. The reduction of the use of plastic bags helps protect the marine environment, advances solid waste reduction and protects waterways.


January 8th 2020- All establishments over 3500 sq.ft. are required to comply with the updated ordinance at this time. Businesses over 3500 sq.ft. are required to charge no less than 10 cents ($0.10) for reusable bags provided by the store. Customers are encouraged to bring their own reusable bags.

July 8th, 2020 ALL retail businesses will be required to meet this ordinance. This will include all retail establishments including restaurants, food or ice cream trucks, convenience stores, retail pharmacy, supermarket or seasonal/temporary businesses.

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