Bridges with Veteran Plaques

Auburndale Richard Likely-U.S. Army Corporal
D.O.B. March 13, 1951 Date of Death April 27, 1971
Served in Vietnam 
West Newton Lt. Arthur O. Jones-U.S. Army
Date of Death December 18, 1952
Battery C, 15TH Field Artillery Battalion
2nd Infantry Division, Served in Korea
Newtonville Captain Paul V. Foley, U.S. Army
Co. F 101st Infantry Regiment 26th Division
Lewis Terrace Sgt. Enrico N. Pagnano- U.S. Marine Corp
July 11, 1939-March 18, 1968
Son of a cobbler in Nonantum
Enemy mine he discovered detonated causing death
Served in Vietnam
Church Street Bridge PFC-Wallace W. Richard
U.S. Army Co. B, 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division
Date of Death December 21, 1965
Served in Vietnam

Veteran Parks

Forte Park

PFC. Richard J. Forte-U.S. Army
39th Regiment. 9th Infantry Division
Grew up in neighborhood, son of city employee

Marrocco Monument
Front of American Legion Post 440

Dominic F. Marrocco, Master Sgt. U.S.Army,
Served in WW II & Korea June 19, 1918- April 9, 1951

Coletti/Magni Park
Watertown Street

Nino F. Coletti, Sgt. U.S. Marine Corp
May 23, 1921- June 1, 1944
Robert C. Magni, Pfc. U.S. Army
April 7, 1923- February 4, 1944    
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