Benefits & Services

The Department of Veterans' Services is an office that is mandated and governed by Massachusetts State Law, Chapter 115. Through statute and regulation this program has evolved over the last 145 years to its present format. The rationale for this program is that veterans' benefits are just as much a necessary part of our nation's defense as are the bullets, shells, and machines that are expended in war. Currently, the Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that there are approximately 450,000 veterans residing in the Commonwealth.

  1. Provides financial and medical assistance to those veterans and their families who are determined to be both needy and worthy(honorably discharged).
  2. Help veterans and their dependents to obtain assistance from other governmental agencies, e.g., VA, Social Security, SSD, SSI, fuel assistance, etc.
  3. Serve as the Burial Officer to help bury indigent veterans and their dependents.
  4. Serve as the Grave Registration Officer to ensure that all graves of veterans are properly decorated with a flag and geranium over the Memorial Day period.
  5. Conduct parades and ceremonies.
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