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Payments FAQs


Can I pay my bills online?
Yes, on the City’s website. Do not use your bank’s online bill-pay. Pay Real Estate tax, Personal Property (business) tax, Water and Excise bills on the City’s site via ACH for free. Credit card payments are subject to fees.

Warrant excise bills are accepted for payment via the deputy collector’s site and the link for Warrant Excise directs you there. The Deputy charges $0.50 for ACH payments, and credit card transactions are subject to 3.2% of the bill. Minimum of $3.00 per bill will be charged.

To pay on the City’s site, go to link  “Online Bill Payment” at top left.  Have your bill in front of you when making a payment.

Can I pay by phone?
No, but you can pay bills on the City’s website. It’s free when you pay by ACH transaction (checkbook). Credit card payments are subject to fees.

To Whom do I make my checks payable?
If you are manually/literally writing out a check, it should be made payable to the “City of Newton.” Put your bill number on the face of your check. Mail your check with the lower section of the Collector’s copy of the bill in the envelope provided.

Please DO NOT use your bank’s online bill-pay to pay your bills. The most cost effective and green method (no paper check is generated) is via the City’s website.

Where do I mail my Real Estate tax bill, Personal Property tax bill, Excise tax bill, and/or Water bill?
Payments with a remit slip (Collector/bottom portion of bill):
City of Newton
P.O. Box 9137
Newton, MA 02460-9137
You must include the collector’s portion of the bill so that you account is credited correctly by our bank’s lockbox payment service.

Payments without a remit slip (Collector/bottom portion of bill) should be mailed to our office:
City of Newton Treasury
1000 Commonwealth Ave.
Newton, MA 02459.
*Put your bill number, property address, parcel id, and type of bill you are paying on the face of your check. Do not include address changes with your payment. Address changes must be submitted to Assessing Department and/or Water Department. Contact them for their requirements.

Should I use my online bill-pay service to pay my bills?
No! It is the least cost effective method for your city and it generates a paper check. When you pay your bills using your bank’s online bill payment service, the Collector’s portion of the bill (the remit slip in your possession) is not enclosed with the paper check that is generated by your transaction. Upon receipt of the check, typically a week or more after you initiate the payment, we must then manually determine where to apply your check. This wastes City resources. Posting errors occur when “account” field does not contain the current “bill” number. Paying on the City’s site eliminates this manual posting process, the paper, and the errors as the City receives the information via electronic format. When you enclose the remit slip with your check and return both in the envelope provided with the bill, City dollars are also maximized as payments are processed by our bank’s lock-box service.

What if my payment was not credited to my account?
If you paid with your bank’s online banking and your payment is not credited to your account within two weeks, a written request for research must be accompanied by a copy of the canceled check, both front and back. Your online transaction with your bank produces a paper check without the remit portion of the tax bill. The paper check is posted manually to the “bill number” you provided in the “Account” field. Fax, mail or e-mail us the copy. Fax: (617) 796-1343, 1000 Commonwealth Ave. 02459, or In the future, do not use your bank’s online banking to pay City bills. Pay on City’s site instead.

If you paid by check, a copy of the cancelled check must be provided along with a letter of request that we research your misapplied payment. Fax, mail or e-mail us the cancelled check copy.

If you paid by cash, the original receipt (copies not accepted) from your cash transaction must be provided along with a letter of request that we research your misapplied payment. It is best not to mail the original receipt so it does not get lost in the mail.

If you paid via the City’s website, please provide a copy of the email receipt issued as a result of the online transaction. Occasionally a customer will enter the incorrect bill number and pay someone else’s bill.

If charges have been incurred they will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

How do I obtain my tax payments and/or water payments for the last calendar year for income tax purposes?
Citizen's Self Service. View Your Bills and Payment History Online. 


A written request, a $5.00 fee and a self-addressed stamped envelope (with 2 stamps) should be forwarded to our office.  Requests are processed in the order of receipt.  If you visit our office to drop off your request, please have your written request, the $5.00 fee and your self addressed stamped envelope (2 stamps) with you when you arrive.  We will mail you the researched information at our earliest convenience, normally within 5 business days.  Cashiers are primarily responsible for accepting payments, so please be understanding and do not expect our cashiers to engage in researching your payment history for you while you wait. 

Someone else paid my real estate tax(es), what should I do?
If your real estate tax account shows a payment that you or your mortgage company or closing attorney did not make, you should make your tax payment as required so there is a credit available for the City to refund the mistaken payor. If any payment(s) posted to your account was/were in fact erroneous, it is conceivable that you may be contacted in the future for reimbursement by the payor(s) who made the payment(s) in error, or by the City of Newton. If you have an escrow account with your mortgage company, be aware that it may be affected by any payment errors made by third party payors. Mortgage companies and banks sometimes make payment errors. We do not bill them, they electronically choose the accounts upon which they wish to pay.

What if my check is returned?
If your check bounces, you will be responsible for a $25.00 fee in addition to the amount of the check that is returned, plus any accrued interest/fees.

How do I obtain a refund of a credit on my tax account?
Please see the Refund Policy available on our Treasury web-site page entitled ”Refund Requests for credit Balances.” The policy explains what is needed to receive a real estate tax refund.

How much does a Municipal Lien Certificate cost?
A Municipal Lien Certificate (MLC) lists the outstanding tax and water bill liabilities on a property at a particular point in time. Please forward a check and a self addressed stamped envelope to the Treasury Department, Attn: MLC Request.

Costs vary:

  • $50.00 Single, two, three family residences and condominiums
  • $50.00 Tax exempt (Ch 121A)
  • $200.00 Residences of four or more units.
  • $300.00 Commercial, mixed use, industrial

What is a Supplemental tax bill?
A supplemental tax bill is issued to property owners that had construction resulting in an increase in market value (assessment) of more than 50% on the parcel. Contact Assessing department or see Assessing’s FAQs for more information.