Come to the Senior Center!The best way to learn more about the Center is to ask the participants what they think. They're always glad to talk about their experiences. Here are a few samples to help you get a better picture of the Center:

"When I don't work full time, it is a wonderful place to come and relax and meet people." - A. Lane

"I drive over an hour to and from the Center just to come to yoga. I've had many yoga teachers over the years and the instructor here is one of the best."- L. Cartier

"I look forward to ceramics each week in order to relax and leave my troubles at home. I wish it were more than once a week." - M. Caira

"Everyone at the center has made me feel welcome". - Maria

"After taking yoga for some time I can now reach a shelf at home that I haven't been able to reach in a long time. - A long time yoga participant

It's a great place to be!

"Before I took the computer classes I thought it would help keep me current with my grand children. Now that I have graduated the basic skills course I can actually use what I learned to volunteer here in the office helping with data entry and other administrative tasks that I never would have been able to help out with before." - B. Johnson

"I want you to know that the Center has been a warm, caring, welcoming place for me as I made the transition to a new home in a new area." - Rusty

"Great place to get together and meet; a safe haven." - Lorraine

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