How to Help

The Newton Senior Center could not offer all of its programs and services without community help. There are many ways you can help the Newton Senior Center! Time, talent, materials, and money are all gratefully accepted. All fundraising is done by volunteers, so 100% of your contributions are used directly for programs and services for seniors. Here are some examples of how you can help.

Give Time and Knowledge

Join our Volunteer Team to help run our programs and events. For example, some people volunteer as receptionist for a day or a half-day/week. Others volunteer to assist with special events, setting up chairs, cleaning up after the barbecue, or serving food at an afternoon tea. If you are interested in volunteering time at the Center, please contact Ilana Levine, Program Coordinator, 617-796-1670 or email. Or visit our volunteer page.

Many of our program leaders are volunteers. Local artists give ongoing classes and interested citizens are trained to provide information about senior health options through the SHINE program. Please contact our Program Coordinator if you are interested in volunteering your talent at the Center.

Give Things

There are always "things" that we need. Items generously donated in the past include a digital camera, vacuum cleaner, outdoor chess table, and a Xerox machine. If you have items that you think the Center might need, please contact our Program Coordinator, Ilana Levine, 617-796-1670 or email. If you would like to donate durable medical equipment, please contact our Executive Administrator, Alice Bailey, 617-796-1664, or email.

Give Money

The Center can develop and provide innovative programs thanks to donations of money from many businesses, foundations, and individuals. These donations are as small as $1 and as large as $100,000. These donations can be made to the Newton Senior Center or to our charitable affiliate, the Senior Citizen Fund of Newton. The Fund’s mission is to "support the Newton Senior Center and senior transportation in Newton." Gifts can also be made through wills, living trusts, charitable remainder trusts, and donation of appreciated assets. If you would like to receive our annual appeal or discuss contributions to our endowment for program innovation, please contact our Director, Jayne Colino at 617-796-1660 or e-mail.

Corporate and Foundation Support

Business Partners with the Newton Senior Center provide helpful services and goods, ranging from baked goods to landscaping to web design. Corporations and foundations make grants to fund specific programs or projects. 
If you are interested in making a tax-deductible contribution to the Center, please contact our Director, Jayne Colino, at 617-796-1660 or e-mail for more information.

Thank You!

The Newton Senior Center needs and appreciates contributions of time, talent, "things", money, and grants. Whether it is a $1 or $100,000, an hour or a day, a new stapler or a new van, we appreciate your gift and promise to use it to benefit seniors directly. For more information, please contact the Senior Center Director, Jayne Colino at 617-796-1660 or e-mail.

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