CitiStat Scorecard


The mission of the Department of Senior Services is to provide programs and services that assist and enrich the lives of Newton seniors and to support their goal of aging for as long as possible in Newton.


  1. Provide social work and advocacy services to seniors and their families to help them access resources
  2. Provide cost effective transportation services for seniors to important locations
  3. Provide programs and services at the Newton Senior Center that improve participants’ quality of life, health, and happiness.

Senior Services Scorecard Reports

 April 2011 (209.3 KB)
 August 2011 (210.5 KB)
 July 2011 (208.4 KB)
 June 2011 (209.9 KB)
 March 2011 (207.2 KB)
 May 2011 (209.4 KB)
 November 2011 (193.4 KB)
 Octbober 2011 (192.3 KB)
 September 2011 (208.1 KB)
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