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Nicole Freedman

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Newton’s Shared Parking Pilot, launched in Summer 2018, increases the number of parking spaces available to the public by allowing private property owners to make their spaces available to the public at their off-peak hours.

Pilot Benefits  Finding parking is a persistent challenge heard in Newton, especially in village centers.  Currently, while customers and employees are circling for parking, empty spaces abound in private parking areas. In Newton Center, at peak periods when parking seems scarce, research shows that 43% of all spaces are actually empty, mostly in private lots.

Newton’s Shared Parking Pilot Program seeks to correct this imbalance by allowing property owners to make their private spaces available for the public to park.  Property owners must still ensure that they provide parking for their customers and employees, but when they have extra space this pilot will allow them to rent spaces to the public. 

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Property owners wishing to rent their spaces to the public at their off-peak hours can submit applications now!


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Pilot Features Key features of the pilot are as follows:
- Property owners must apply, and approval must be 
  granted, to participate in the pilot
- Resident parking spaces cannot be share
- Pilot is a maximum of three years, with City Council re-evaluation at the end of years one and two
- The City reserves the right to implement changes and/or cancel the pilot throughout the three years.
- Property owners must agree to the following
              o Ensure customers or employees are not displaced in favor of shared parking
              o Manage customer service interactions with parkers
              o Collaborate with the City to address complaints   
              o Provide quarterly feedback to the City regarding participation in the program 

Frequently Asked Questions A summary of frequently asked questions for property owners are below. 

1. Does my location qualify?  You can participate if your parking lot is:
a. Zoned for business, mixed use, or manufacturing 
b. Existed by September, 2018.
c. Not already permitted for use by another property (non-accessory parking agreement).
d. Parking spaces for a residence cannot be used.
The City will also confirm eligibility of all applicants.

2. How do I apply to participate in the pilot?  To start, you will submit an application to the City of Newton. You will need to provide basic information such as location and number of spaces.  You will also need to agree to the terms of the pilot.  The City will review and send a letter of approval.

3. How do I rent spaces to the public?  You can provide services directly (find and interact with parkers, accept payments, answer questions) or use a shared parking service. Shared parking service providers, like Spot and SpotHero, are dedicated exclusively to managing shared parking. Like AirBNB does for lodging, these apps create a marketplace for parking lot owners and parkers. They allow you to register your location, set dates and times spaces are available, accept payments, and provide customer service.  Parkers use the app to search and pay for parking.

4. Do I have to use a Shared Parking App Service? The City has no preference regarding whether you provide shared parking services directly or use a third party shared parking company.

5. Once my parking lot is in the program, what’s my relationship with the City?
All of the shared parking activities are private transactions.  The City will not be a party in the relationship between a property owner and a third-party service provider (e.g. app service) nor will the City be a party to the relationships between lot owners and parkers. The City of Newton assumes no liability for properties sharing their parking through this program.

6. How many spaces can I make available? You can make as many spaces available as you want provided that you maintain enough spaces for your customers or employees.  The number of spaces you make available likely will vary by time of day or day of the week based on your business’ pattern of employee/customer use. The most important thing: you must keep enough spaces available so that you do not displace your customers or employees.

7. Can I charge for parking? Yes, you choose the rate you would like to charge.

8. What does it mean that this is a Pilot program? The City is piloting this program to determine if shared parking works for property owners, the public and neighboring properties.  Throughout the three-year pilot period the City may adjust rules or regulations as knowledge is gained.  Modifications to the Shared Parking Pilot Program will be announced on the program website and sent via email to all participating property owners at least 30 days prior to a rule change going into effect.

For more information or our full set of FAQ’s click here.

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