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Newton Centre Parking Strategy

The Newton Centre Parking Strategy is a comprehensive study of parking supply, utilization, and management in Newton Centre. The strategy documents current parking activities, identifies needs and opportunities, and recommends a series of strategies to achieve goals for the village center. The Strategy analyzes parking patterns through the collection of on-the-ground parking data and field observations, as well as input from public workshops, stakeholder meetings, and an online survey. 

Using new and existing data, the Strategy recommends an active and adaptive management program of smart parking options that includes a mix of demand-responsive pricing, new technologies, more efficient designs, and context-sensitive regulations. The strategies include innovative and cost-effective programs and policies for the short and the long-term that can be piloted and tested soon. 


Strategy Launch Announcement - August 2017 

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Process Archive

Presentation of the Draft Plan - January 14, 2016

On Thursday, January 14th, 2016 at 7:45pm, the City Council’s Public Safety and Transportation Committee hosted a public meeting to hear a presentation on a comprehensive suite of potential management strategies for parking in Newton Centre. A thorough Q&A with the City’s consultant team at Nelson\Nygaard followed with questions from Councilors and the public. The draft suite of strategies presented were developed based on field observations, on-the-ground parking data collection, and input through workshops, meetings, and online surveys. Feedback received at this meeting was used to create the final parking management strategy. 
Read the Draft Report: Newton Centre Parking Strategy - Draft

Initial Ideas Presentation - October 28, 2015
On Wednesday, October 28, 2015, around 35 Newton Centre residents, employees, business owners, commuters, and visitors participated in a meeting at the Mason Rice School. The meeting focused on Newton Centre Parking Strategy key findings and identified potential strategies to address parking challenges in Newton Centre. The meeting's presentation is available to view here; full video of the presentation is now available at this link.  

Based on survey results, stakeholder meetings, public input at workshops, and collected data, the team found the following:

  1. Front-door spaces are full
  2. Need for more long-term parking
  3. Enforcement is not customer-friendly
  4. Payment technology is inconvenient
  5. Walking barriers limit "park once"
  6. Signage is unclear or missing

Survey and Pop-Up Workshops - August & September 2015

As part of the data collection for this project, the project team set up pop-up workshops on the Newton Centre Green and on Union Street and circulated an online survey. Newton Centre residents, employees, and visitors submitted feedback on where they park, what their frustrations are, and their ideas for improving parking in Newton Centre. 


Article in the Newton Tab, August 27, 2015
Article in Boston Globe, August, 25, 2015
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