Zoning Redesign @ ZAP

Zoning Redesign Discussions at the City Council

The Zoning and Planning Committee of the City Council (ZAP) is discussing the First Draft Ordinance and providing guidance to the development of the Second Draft Zoning Ordinance. Here you'll find all of the documents from their discussions. 

Do you have Questions, Comments, or Thoughts on what you see? Email us at zoningredesign@newtonma.gov

 Topic  Date  Resources
First Draft Ordinance Overview 10.22.2018 Memo Presentation  -
Residence Districts 11.26.2018 Memo Presentation Meeting Summary
Committee of the Whole Overview  12.06.2018 Memo Presentation  -
Village Districts 01.14.2019 Memo Presentation Meeting Summary
Single Purpose Districts 01.28.2019 Memo Presentation  Meeting Summary
Build Out Analysis  02.25.2019 Memo


Dive Deep Tables

Development Review Process 03.11.2019 Memo Presentation Meeting Summary 
Summer Work and Draft Schedule 03.25.2019 Memo -




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