Zoning Reform Group


The Zoning Reform Group was created by docket item #62-10:

#62-10 Ald. Johnson, Lappin, Crossley, Danberg and Hess-Mahan proposing a Resolution to His Honor the Mayor to establish a Zoning Reform Scoping Group, to be appointed by the Mayor and the Board President in consultation with the leadership of the Land Use and Zoning & Planning Committees, for the purpose of developing a plan to reform Newton’s zoning code. Responsibilities would include, but not be limited to, determining long and short term objectives, identifying funding options, researching best practices of communities that have undergone zoning reform and identifying potential resources to assist in the process.

Mission Statement & Goals

The Group will examine Newton’s Zoning Ordinances governing land-use and development, and assess how well they function to serve City needs and the objectives embraced within the 2007 Comprehensive Plan. We are then charged to articulate those (and perhaps other) objectives, prioritize them, recommend a process and develop a plan to reform the Zoning Code to better facilitate those objectives.

In particular, by resolution of the Board of Aldermen, we will:

  • Determine short and long term reform objectives
  • Research best practices of communities that have undergone zoning reform
  • Identify potential resources, including funding sources, which may be used to assist the City in the process of revising and adopting the revised ordinances.

Our product will be presented to the aldermen in the fall of 2011, as a document that which can serve as a road map for the implementation process.

All ZRG committee meetings are noticed and open to the public, and we welcome others to attend; a limited amount of time will be reserved for public comment. We plan a public workshop over the summer, to present information and gather ideas from the community. A second public meeting is planned in the fall to review the recommendations.

Meeting Agenda & Notes

Meeting Date Agenda Notes Resources
11/17/11 - - -
11/03/11 - - ZRG Final Presentation
10/13/11 Agenda - ZRG Final Report 2.3
09/22/11 Agenda - Letter from NHP
08/16/11 Agenda Notes Commercial Assessments
07/27/11 - Notes Public Workshop
06/27/11 Agenda Notes -
05/24/11 Agenda Notes World of Zoning
04/28/11 Agenda Notes -
04/07/11 Agenda Notes -
03/08/11 - Notes Zoning in Newton



Example Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) or Requests for Proposals (RFP)

Final Report

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