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The Women's Enterprise Initiative (WEI) is an excellent venue for women entrepreneurs, at any point in their business venture, to learn from their peers how to grow their business and find the support they need to manage this growth. At each Forum, a panel of legal, financial, and marketing experts will analyze a woman's business plan and provide the presenter with useful information in building their business. Each presenter is coached, prior to the Forum, by one of the members of the Executive Committee.

Benefits to Presenters:

  • Expert advice on starting or growing your business
  • Contribution to a membership in a business organization
  • Follow up consultation with the expert panel
  • DVD of the Forum


Please send a copy of your business plan or a letter of interest to:

Women's Enterprise Initiative c/o Adrianna Henriquez
Planning and Development Department - City of Newton
1000 Commonwealth Ave.
Newton, MA 02459

(617) 796-1120


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