Women's Enterprise Initiative (WEI)

  Women's Enterprise Initiative (WEI)

The Women's Enterprise Initiative (WEI) is an excellent venue for women entrepreneurs, at any point in their business venture, to learn from their peers how to grow their business and find the support they need to manage this growth.  


Thank you to Kerri Garbis for a great business plan presentation on May 4th! 

Kerri is the founder of Ovation Communication, a professional skills development firm that teaches individuals in any occupation to deliver their message more effectively.


To receive emails regarding future WEI events, please email wei@newtonma.gov 

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NEW! Videos of some recent WEI Forums are available on the NewTV website @ www.newtv.org/video/wei.  Thanks to NewTV for their continued support of WEI! 
For copies of presentations made at this event, go to: Nuts and Bolts of a Business Plan, Small Business Administration Services, and City of Newton Services for Small Businesses.



The Women's Enterprise Initiative began in 1996 as a joint venture between the City of Newton Planning and Development Department, New England Women Business Owners (NEWBO), and Pine Manor College.  At the present time, WEI operates under the umbrella of the City of Newton.  Its Executive Board consists of one City employee and three volunteers -- the same volunteers who began WEI with the City of Newton twenty years ago.  Two members of the Executive Committee are past-presidents of NEWBO and the third is the former Director of Entrepreneurial Studies and Assistant Professor of Management at Pine Manor.  WEI seeks to assist women in developing successful businesses.  Learn about the WEI Executive Committee.




WEI Business Plan Forum


The WEI Business Plan Forum is an excellent venue for women entrepreneurs at any point in their business venture to learn from and gain the support of their peers.  The entrepreneurs receive advice about how to manage their businesses, as well as to create whatever business growth they may desire.  At each Forum an entrepreneur presents her business plan for evaluation by a panel of financial, legal, and marketing experts for feedback.  In addition, the audience members are invited to give feedback and pose their own questions to the panel and presenter.  Recognizing the wide range of values and lifestyle choices, WEI honors each woman's definition of success and offers the opportunity to present to entrepreneurs in a variety of types of businesses at varying stages of growth.  The Business Plan Forums not only provide intensive help to each presenter, but also serve as both a networking and educational event for all who attend.  The connections made through WEI help women gain the skills needed to build their business and claim their dreams as entrepreneurs. 

WEI Business Plan Forums are held during the fall, winter, and spring at the Newton Free Library.  WEI also holds an annual networking event.  All WEI events are free and open to the public.  Although under the umbrella of the City of Newton, WEI is funded entirely by the generosity of our sponsors.

Past Forums
WEI maintains a strong alumni network and regularly invites back past participants to update us on their progress. Learn about the women business owners who are Past Presenters. We are grateful for the Past Moderators & Panelists who volunteer their time to WEI. If you are interested in participating in WEI, please see our Call for Presenters.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this program or would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact 617-796-1133 or wei@newtonma.gov.

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