Newton Leads 2040 Housing Strategy

Housing Strategy Updates

September/October 2017 - The Newton Leads 2040 Housing Strategy identified ten priority actions. Here is an update on the progress on each of these priorities.

Where can I read the strategy?

A factbook of the Newton Leads 2040 Housing Strategy presents major findings of the analysis and a series of strategies that respond to goals of creating more housing in the near and long term.  The factbook is may be viewed in the reader below and may be downloaded here. A one-page summary of the strategy is available here.  A full report of the study presented from RKG and Sasaki is available here.

Please get in touch with us at to share your thoughts. Staff from the Department of Planning and Development may be available to schedule a time to visit your organization or community to engage in dialogue about creating new housing in Newton. 

How was the Strategy developed?

In June 2015, the Department of Planning and Development and Mayor Warren embarked on a process to develop a City-wide Housing Strategy.  Over the course of one year City staff worked with the consultant team, RKG and Sasaki, to conduct in-depth analysis of Newton's housing market in order to understand trends in the changing nature of housing and affordability in Newton. The process involved significant public outreach, resulting in over 844 responses from residents and elected officials through online and in-person dialogue.  Newton Leads 2040 Housing Strategy is the result of these efforts.

"We are excited to be presenting the Newton Leads 2040 Housing Strategy as a blueprint to meet the City’s evolving housing needs. The Housing Strategy offers a vision for Newton that includes affordable, diverse housing, which will contribute to our City’s economic growth in the years to come. This is the beginning of a conversation to guide us forward on policies to preserve what we love about our City – the suburban feel, village amenities, and open spaces – and to enhance our position as a city of opportunity for all." ~ Mayor Setti D. Warren

What community engagement has happened?

The Department of Planning and Development has had the opportunity to speak with each of Newton's City Councilors regarding the Housing Strategy since it was released June 23, 2016.  In addition in 2016-2017, staff held 31 meetings with over 170 members of various Commissions, neighborhood and advocacy groups in Newton including: Community Preservation Committee, Planning and Development Board, Newton Housing Authority, Nonantum Neighborhood Association, Transportation Advisory Group, Green Newton, Fair Housing Commission, Urban Design Commission, Livable Newton, Chamber of Commerce (Real Estate Group), Newton Villages Alliance, Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council, Waban Area Council, Newton Upper Falls Area Council, and interviews with NewTV and WNTN radio.  We look forward to meeting with others in the coming weeks including: Commission on Disabilities, Newton Council on Aging, Newtonville Area Council, Newton Seniors Center, Newton Council on Aging, and Economic Development Commission.

Newton's Fair Housing Committee submitted a report, "Fair Housing in the Newton Housing Strategy" on October 7, 2016.

We look forward to ongoing conversations with
you about housing in Newton.

Please get in touch with us here.

An archive of previous content from the Housing Strategy webpage can be found here.
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