Accessory Apartments

Accessory Apartments


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In 2016 - 2017 City Council passed a new Accessory Apartment ordinance. Below you will find information about the new current ordinance.

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Watch the June 28, 2017 special on New TV about the zoning changes for Accessory Apartments:

Where can I read the new Accessory Apartments ordinance?

April 3, 2017 Accessory Apartments Ordinance

Read Mayor Warren's press release

April 6, 2017 Newton Passes Accessory Apartment Ordinance

How do I apply to create an Accessory Apartment?

Follow the steps on the new Accessory Apartment brochure

Accessory Apartment Pre-Application

Do I qualify for zero-interest financing to make my Accessory Apartment comply with code?

Read this flier on the Housing Rehabilitation Program and go to their website to find out more.  Contact Malcolm Lucas, Housing Planner, to start an application: 617-796-1149 or

Why did the ordinance change in April 2017 and what was involved in the decision making?

Read some of the research and reports that were part of the process resulting in the City Council's 22-2 vote to change the Accessory Apartment ordinance below.

What are other communities doing about accessory apartments?

At the request of members of the Zoning and Planning Committee, Planning staff have conducted extensive research about accessory apartments in other communities.  Information and analysis can be found in the December 9, 2016 Memo from Planning staff.  Here are links to some reports and articles:

  • Barnstable, MA link
  •  US Dept. of Housing and Urban Dvlt. (HUD) link
  • State of California link and link
  • Santa Cruz, CA link
  • Durango, CO link and link and link
  • Comparison of Portland, Seattle and Vancouver link
  • Portland, OR link


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