Auburndale Local Historic District and Commission

The core of the Auburndale Local Historic District consists of two National Register Districts, four individually listed National Register properties, and one Local Landmark. All are included in the Newton Multiple Resource Area that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. The historic educational institution known today as Lasell College, and the historic Auburndale Congregational Church, which became a Local Landmark in 2004, have influenced the development in this neighborhood and serve as the core of this historic district. This historic Auburndale neighborhood also evolved in response to transportation patterns, real estate speculation, as well as growth in commuter housing, religious congregations, and higher education.

Today, intact architectural examples located in this Auburndale neighborhood represent development in Newton, from the late 1840s to the early 21st century. Italianate, Second Empire, Shingle and Colonial Revival are the prominent architectural styles in the district. Although the neighborhood evolved over a century and represents changing tastes in styles and plans of domestic architecture, there is a strong cohesiveness to this broad suburban neighborhood in size, scale, overall massing, and a richness of craftsmanship. Most of the historic properties in this neighborhood were built to appreciate its bucolic setting on large suburban lots away from the mechanics of urban living, and are evidence of the evolving lifestyle of a community rich with the legacy of entrepreneurs, intellectuals, clergy, artists and educators. 

Letter to Auburndale Historic District Owners and Residents

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