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Homeless Services Assistance

The City of Newton is committed to assisting people who are homeless or are at-risk of homelessness and allocates funding from three U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grants, including the Community Development Block Grant, Emergency Solutions Grant, and McKinney-Vento funds under the Continuum of Care to programs that address homelessness.

Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG)

The Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) is intended to provide a continuum of assistance to prevent homelessness and to enable homeless individuals and families to be rapidly re-housed and move toward independent living.  ESG funds are awarded to nonprofit agencies through an open grant application process. Annually, Newton Housing and Community Development Division staff issue a notice of availability of ESG funds for the fiscal year. Grant applications for homeless shelters, transitional housing programs, street outreach activities, homeless prevention and rapid re-housing programs are reviewed by Division staff and the Human Service Advisory Committee (HSAC), a citizen advisory group. The Human Service Advisory Committee makes an allocation recommendation to the Planning and Development Board, which then makes a recommendation to the Mayor, who makes the decision regarding the distribution of funds to applicants. Grants are awarded to the agencies that demonstrate an outstanding capacity to meet documented needs. 

For FY16, the City of Newton has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to fund homeless services within the Brookline-Newton-Waltham-Watertown (BNWW) Continuum of Care.  Funds are available for providers of emergency shelter services, street outreach activities, homeless prevention and rapid re-housing services in the BNWW communities.  The City is accepting applications for service during the period from 7/1/2015 to 6/30/2016, making a total of approximately $145,953 available with the following maximum amounts for each activity: 


   Maximum Amount Available 

 Shelter Services


 Street Outreach Activities


 Rapid Re-housing Services


 Homeless Prevention Services   


The FY2016 ESG Request for Proposals - Application Materials
We are no longer accepting applications for the FY16 ESG RFP.

FY16 ESG Request for Proposals and Application (PDF)
FY16 ESG Request for Proposals and Application (Word Document)
Brookings Institute Benchmarks for Success (PDF)

Additional Resources

The following links can provide helpful information for FY16 Emergency Solutions Grant applications: 
"The Social Genome Project: Mapping Pathways to the Middle Class”
BNWW Continuum of Care Emergency Solutions Grant Activities, Performance Standards, and Consultation Process
Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness
2014 HMIS Data Standards Manual
HUD's ESG Program Information
Code of Federal Regulations - Part 576 (Emergency Solutions Grants Program) 

For questions or more information regarding ESG, please contact:

Judith Menon, Community Development Programs Manager
(617) 796-1125

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Newton allocates a portion of the annual Community Development Block Grant funding it receives from HUD to programs that address homelessness. These programs are funded through the 15 percent of the City's CDBG grant that is allocated to human service programs. For FY16 (July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016), the programs below are planned to be funded at the following levels.

Programs Funded CDBG Funds Awarded Target Population
Horace Cousens Industrial Fund     $10,000 People at-risk of homelessness
REACH - Individual Support and Advocacy $5,000 Survivors of domestic violence
Riverside Community Care - Outreach and Crisis Stabilization $5,500 Adolescents at-risk of homelessness
Riverside Community Care - Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment $17,620 People at-risk of homelessness

Brookline-Newton-Waltham-Watertown Continuum of Care (CoC)

The submitted FY2015 Brookline-Newton-Waltham-Watertown Continuum of Care Application is available to view online. This consolidated application was submitted to HUD on November 18, 2015. The application consists of two parts, listed below:

FY2015 Submitted Consolidated Application
FY2015 Submitted Project Priority Listing

All project applicants were notified prior to November 5, 2015 of the status of their application. Please see the links below to view the acceptance notification letter as well as this year's Project Priority Listing, as determined by the Project Ranking Committee.

FY2015 Competition - Renewal Project Acceptance Notification
FY2015 CoC Competition - Project Priority Listing (Approved on October 30, 2015)

The City of Newton, on behalf of the Brookline-Newton-Waltham-Watertown Continuum of Care (CoC), is seeking responses to a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the permanent supported housing projects or rapid re-housing projects for inclusion in the 2015 CoC Competition application. Project applications must be submitted to no later than October 20, 2015 at 4:00 PM. Applicants will be notified whether their project will be included in the MA-518 Continuum of Care application no later than November 5, 2015. 

FY2015 RFP (PDF) 

If you have any questions or need assistance in understanding how to submit your proposed project in e-snaps, please contact:
Laura Spark
McKinney-Vento Consultant
MA-518 (Brookline-Newton-Waltham-Watertown) Continuum of Care

On Thursday, June 25th, at 3:30 PM, the Continuum of Care hosted its Annual Meeting in room 211 of Newton City Hall. The purpose of this meeting is to highlight efforts to end homelessness and assist households at-risk for homelessness, build community knowledge and support for the work of the CoC, and identify issues to address in the coming year.

The City of Newton is part of the Brookline-Newton-Waltham-Watertown Continuum of Care, one of 19 Continuums in Massachusetts formed as a result of HUDs annual competitive application process for Continuum of Care funds. These Continuums are made up of the geographic area of one or more contiguous cities and/or towns. The purpose of forming these continuums is to bring communities together in a coordinated planning effort to work towards alleviating homelessness.

Within the Brookline-Newton-Waltham-Watertown Continuum of Care geographic area, the entity that meets regularly to carryout this goal is the Homelessness Consortium. The Homelessness Consortium, which was formed in the mid-1990s, is composed of representatives of nonprofit organizations, municipal government, state agencies, businesses and religious organizations, as well as homeless and formerly homeless people. As the lead entity of the Consortium, City of Newton Housing and Community Development staff coordinates the annual application for HUD Continuum of Care funds. These funds are awarded annually through an extensive and highly competitive application process. Agencies that receive funds contract directly with HUD. 

Please see the table below for upcoming meeting information.


Agenda & Minutes

02/04/2016 Agenda
01/21/2016 Meeting Rescheduled
12/17/2015 Agenda
11/03/2015 Agenda
Minutes - Pending Approval
10/13/2015     Agenda
10/02/2015     Agenda
09/24/2015 Agenda
07/29/2015 Agenda
07/14/2015 Agenda
06/25/2015 Agenda
05/21/2015     Agenda
04/30/2015 Agenda

For more information regarding the Brookline-Newton-Waltham-Watertown Continuum of Care, please contact:

Judith Menon, Community Development Programs Manager
(617) 796-1125

Lydia Scott, Community Development Planner
(617) 796-1132