Newton Housing Partnership


The Newton Housing Partnership’s mission is to foster, support and initiate land use, planning and fiscal policies and actions that ensure the development and preservation of housing available to households across a broad range of incomes. In order to fulfill its mission, the Partnership acts in an advisory capacity to the Mayor, the Board of Aldermen and its committees, the Planning and Development Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Community Preservation Committee and City staff.


Members are appointed by the Mayor for a renewable term, generally for three years. Members are selected from the community and include representatives of nonprofit housing development organizations and businesses and institutions which are based in Newton or which serve the housing needs of Newton residents. 

Current Members of the Newton Housing Partnership
Andrew Franklin - Co-chair
Philip Herr - Co-chair
Peter Macero - Co-chair
Lynne Sweet - Co-chair

Role of the Housing Partnership

The Partnership examines and provides comments on the following:

  • Housing development projects that require funding approval by the Planning and Development Board or the Community Preservation Committee
  • Housing development projects that require approval by the Board of Aldermen (for a special permit) or the Zoning Board of Appeals (for a comprehensive permit)
  • Creation of new programs that provide City funding for affordable housing
  • Zoning amendment proposals containing provisions applicable to housing units at specified levels of affordability
  • Multi-year housing plans (and amendments) such as the draft Comprehensive Plan, the Consolidated Plan, or the housing section of the Community Preservation Committee’s plan.
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