Architectural Access

Architectural Access for People with Disabilities

One of the priorities of the Newton Housing and Community Development Program is the removal of architectural barriers and the improvement of access for people with disabilities throughout the City of Newton. Many of the neighborhood improvements projects completed throughout the City's eligible neighborhoods also include accessibility components.

Active and completed projects since FY11 include, but are not limited to:
-- Improvements and APS installation at intersection of Commonwealth Ave. & Washington St.
-- ADA-compliant curb cuts at various intersections in Newton Centre
-- ADA-compliant curb cuts at intersection of Pearl St. & Jackson Rd.
-- Access improvements at Newton City Hall
-- Study of accessibility of the City Hall War Memorial
-- Improvements to the Newton Centre Playground pathways

Examples of past completed projects include:

Cold Spring Park pathway, accessible water fountain, and bench (above).

ADA-compliant curb cuts at Lowell Ave. and Washington Street (above).

For more information on the architectural access improvements program, please contact Rachel Powers, Community Development Programs Manager, at 617.796.1125 or 

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