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2014 Report: The Metropolitan Area Planning Council has put together Population and Housing Demand Projections for Metro Boston.   The report also contains data specific to Newton. The Metropolitian Area Planning Council's Metro Boston Data Common tool provides users with the ability to analyze data and overlay that data on interactive maps.

American Factfinder is operated by the United States Census and is the primary resource for population, housing, economic, and geographic data. Data sets include the Decennial Census, American Community Survey, Economic Census, and population estimates. Data is available at the city, zip code, census tract, and block group level among others.

Commonwealth Communities page for the City of Newton contains demographic, social, political and budgetary information, including State Aid Cherry Sheets. This webpage also provides links to all the official Commonwealth of Massachusetts web sites that include information about Newton. This site is maintained by the State.

A variety of health related data for Newton can be obtained from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's Community Health Information Profiles (MassCHIP) database. MassCHIP has the ability to generate reports, charts and maps. The Health Status Indicators Report for Newton, is one example of a MassCHIP report.

Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) are updated on a monthly basis by the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

The Statistical Reports section of the Massachusetts Department of Education's website furnishes reports on SAT and MCAS performance, educator data, enrollment, and graduation rates by school district.

MassStats' Maptitude software overlays economic, demographic, housing, crime, health, political, environmental and transportation data for Massachusetts cities and towns on interactive maps.

Parcel Specific Information and Current Tax Rates

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For more information about socioeconomic and demographic statistics about Newton, please contact Rachel Powers, Community Development Planner, at 617-796-1125. The City's TTD/TTY line is 617-796-1089.

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