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UPDATED 10/23/2020

The Department of Planning & Development is making significant changes to our operations in order to continue providing essential, important and highly beneficial services to the City of Newton, while also doing our part to minimize the spread of COVID-19. All City of Newton municipal buildings, including City Hall, are closed for public meetings until further notice.

Update regarding meetings this week

All City of Newton meetings are being moved to a virtual format. This includes the following meetings this week:  

Monday, October 26:

Tuesday, October 27:

Wednesday, October 28:

Thursday, October 29:

Instructions for how to participate virtually will be included in the posted agendas for all City of Newton meetings.


Update on services and communications with the Planning Department

As much as possible, the operations of the Planning Department will be conducted by email. The main department phone number at (617) 796-1120 will remain available for those who cannot use email. Please use email to communicate with us.

Below is a list of common services and inquiries alongside the email address where you can reach the person in charge.

Questions Related to Affordable Housing: Malcolm Lucas at

Information and questions about the FY21-FY25 Consolidated Plan and FY21 Annual Action Plan: Amanda Berman at

Questions Related to the Newton Housing Partnership: Email Amanda Berman at

Business support and Economic Development: Devra Bailin at

Zoning Information or Zoning Review: Jane Santosuosso at

Special Permit Information: Neil Cronin at

Building Permits: Contact Inspectional Services at  or (617) 796-1060.

 For the following specific situations, please also contact:

Building Permit Applications Where a Special Permit Exists: Email property information and applicant contact to Neil Cronin at

Building Permit Applications in a Local Historic District: Email property information and applicant contact to Barbara Kurze at

Building Permit Applications with a Decision from Newton Historical Commission (NHC): Email Property Information and applicant contact to Katy Holmes at

Properties in a Local Historic District: Barbara Kurze at

Work in a Local Historic District: Download the application form for local historic district review at Email completed application to Barbara Kurze at

Building Permit Applications and Final Site Visits in a Local Historic District: Email property information and applicant contact to Barbara Kurze at

Properties Subject to Conservation Review: Email Jennifer Steel at and Claire Rundelli at before filing application (

Demolition on Properties over 50 Years Old, Not in a Local Historic District: Download the application form for Demolition Review at Email completed application to Katy Holmes at

Properties that are Newton City Landmarks or have a Preservation Restriction: Download the application form for City Landmark Review or Preservation Restriction Review at titled Local Landmark Review and Preservation Restriction Review. Email completed application to Katy Holmes at

Sign Applications: Download the application package for a Sign Permit at Email completed application to Shubee Sikka at

Fence Appeals: Download the application from at Email completed application to Shubee Sikka at

Variance Applications, Appeals to the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA), and Any Other Questions Related to the ZBA: Adrianna Henriquez at

General planning inquiries: Call (617) 796-1120 or email

The above images are just a sample of the many wonderful projects and programs funded by the City’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG), and HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME). The Housing & Community Development Division within the Planning & Development Department is responsible for administering and allocating these funds – approximately $3.5 million received annually from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Click here for more information on the Housing & Community Development Division.


Newton’s Department of Planning and Development is committed to community-based planning that guides the future of the City while promoting equity, healthful lifestyles, diverse housing options, a resilient economy, varied transportation options, and preservation of the built and natural environment.


News & Weekly Updates Click here  for Department's Weekly "Friday Report"

The Planning Department is using Constant Contact to prepare and distribute meeting information and project updates. If you sign up and do not see emails coming to your inbox, please first check your Spam and Promotions folders.

Zoning Redesign

The Zoning Redesign project is the first comprehensive look at updating and improving Newton’s Zoning Ordinance in more than 60 years. The goal is to enhance the city's high quality of life and quality of place. Learn more here.

High Interest Development Projects

If you are looking for information on larger development projects being worked on by the Newton Planning and Development Department click here.

Marijuana Uses  

Department Resources:

  Comprehensive & Needham Street Vision Plans
  Riverside Vision Plan
  Current Zoning Map
  Special Permit FAQs
Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 30FY20 Budget Book
Interactive Property Information
City Ordinance- Chapter 22- Planning and Development

City Meeting and Events Calendar

Accessory Apartment Ordinance



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