NNHS Neighborhood Parking Plan

Neighborhood Parking Map:
December 12, 2012 (now outdated)
March 20, 2013 (now outdated)
April 4, 2013 (now outdated)
FINAL NEIGHBORHOOD PARKING MAP as voted by Traffic Council on April 4, 2013 (now outdated)
July 15, 2013 (now outdated)
November 29, 2013 (now outdated)
April 10, 2014 (current Newtonville Neighborhood Parking Plan, including all approved changes to date)

Comparison of Proposed New Parking Restrictions and Current Restrictions by Street:
For March 20, 2013 PS&T Meeting (now outdated)
For April 4, 2013 Traffic Council Meeting (now outdated)
Final As Approved by Traffic Council on April 4, 2013

Proposed Ordinance Changes:
Ordinance  - (as approved by the Board of Aldermen on April 1, 2013)

Proposed Traffic & Parking Regulations:
Traffic and Parking Regulations
 (as approved by the Traffic Council on April 4, 2013)
TPR language (as updated by Traffic council on March 27, 2014)

PowerPoint Presentations:
March 20, 2013 Community Meeting at Public Safety & Transportation Committee
April 4, 2013 Traffic Council
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