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The Planning Department participates as a voting member of the City’s Traffic Council, which was formed in 1998 by the Board of Aldermen to evaluate proposed changes to existing traffic regulations (parking restrictions, signs, signals, etc.). Traffic Council generally meets once a month, normally on the third Thursday. Meetings are open to public; the public is offered an opportunity to speak at the discretion of the Traffic Council chair. Residents of a particular street are notified in writing approximately 1-2 weeks before Traffic Council hears the item. Traffic Council is described in detail by the City Ordinances Chapter 19 Article 2.

The 2012 Traffic Council members are:

  • David Koses (Planning Department/Council Chair)
  • Jay Ciccone (Alderman/Public Safety & Transportation Committee Chair)
  • Sergeant Jay Babcock (Police/Traffic Bureau)
  • Patrick Baxter (Public Works Department/City Traffic Engineer)
  • Jerome Grafe (Citizen Representative)

A Traffic Council vote, with the exception of a “HOLD,” automatically initiates a twenty (20) day appeal period. If no appeal is filed with the office of the City Clerk on a Traffic Council decision, the Department of Public Works may post the appropriate signs twenty days after the Traffic Council vote. Newly posted signs are immediately enforceable by the Newton Police.

During the appeal period, an appeal may be filed with the City Clerk to refer the item to the Board of Aldermen for final action. An appeal form can be accessed from the Traffic Council page of the City website or by contacting the City Clerk. Appeals require a minimum number of signatures (see form for details), depending on the type of regulation; Certain appeals may be sponsored by any Alderman. An appeal that meets these requirements will be sent to the Public Safety and Transportation Committee of the Board of Aldermen. At this public meeting, a representative of Traffic Council will explain the rationale for the Council’s decision and the Committee then makes its own recommendation, which may confirm, reverse, or change the original Traffic Council decision. The full Board of Aldermen takes final action at its next scheduled meeting. Traffic Council has final decision-making power over the location of handicapped parking spaces in the City. For more information, to download a petition or appeal form, please click on: Traffic Council

Public Safety & Transportation Committee

The Planning Department provides staff support to the City’s Public Safety & Transportation Committee, which is concerned with a wide variety of safety and transportation issues throughout the City. The Public Safety & Transportation Committee normally meets on the first and third Wednesday of the month. Meetings are open to the general public. For more information, please click on: Board Meetings

Transportation Advisory Group (TAG)

The TAG Team was created by Mayor Warren in February 2012 and is a group of City staff and citizens who will focus on the implementation of recommendations made by the former Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC).  Together, they will refine transportatition policies and implemention strategies and advis the Executive Department on ways in which to provide more safe ways for all people to get around Newton.

Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)

Newton Safe Routes Task Force

The Newton Safe Routes Task Force is committed to encouraging more walking, cycling and bus use, and to reducing congestion and pollution from the front of our schools. Over the years, the Task Force has worked with City staff and elected officials to add and remove Blue Zones, to improve school zone signage, and to improve traffic, bicycle and pedestrian circulation around our schools. The Task Force is comprised of parents from our elementary, middle and high schools, and employees from MassRides and the Newton Planning, School, and Police Departments. The Task Force typically meets once a month and all meetings are open to the public.  For more information contact David Koses at 617-796-1133 or email  For a list of resources created by the Task Force, click HERE.

Department of Public Works - Street Projects
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