750 Saw Mill

Request For Interest (R.F.I.)

AM Radio Transmission Facilities 750 Saw Mill Brook Parkway Newton, Massachusetts

August 12, 2003

About this Page

This page is designed to provide access to a Request For Interest (R.F.I.) and supporting materials associated with a special permit for 3 AM radio transmission facilities located at 750 Saw Mill Brook Parkway.

The links on this page have been made available in an effort to facilitate access to relevant materials on file with the Planning Department, however, interested parties are encouraged to conduct their own research. Zoning information can be accessed on the City’s website (See Chapter 30 in the City Ordinances).

Background on R.F.I. A public hearing to consider the special permit was held on June 10, 2003 before the Land Use Committee of the Board of Aldermen. Later, at a Working Session meeting, the Land Use Committee determined that additional information was necessary before it could continue its analysis of the application. The Land Use Committee then voted to authorize the Planning Department to hire consultants who can provide professional studies that will assist the Board of Aldermen. The R.F.I., (See link, below) outlines the need for a study of health impacts and a study of interference associated with both the existing and the proposed AM radio transmission facilities.

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Engineering Reports

Plans Site Plans

Landscape Plans

Architectural Plans

Tower Elevations

Equipment Shelters

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