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Archived Files from the Special Permit for the Riverside MBTA area Approved by City Council in 2013.

 #258-12  BH NORMANDY RIVERSIDE, LLC/MASSACHUSETTS BAY TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY petition for a change of zone to Mixed Use 3/Transit Oriented District for a portion of land located at 327 Grove Street, also identified as Section 42, Block 11, Lot 3A, currently zoned Public Use; #258-12(2) petition for a SPECIAL PERMIT/SITE PLAN APPROVAL to construct a mixed use, transit-oriented development including an office building of approximately 225,000 sq. ft., a residential building containing 290 apartments with 5,000 sq. ft. of retail space, a three story building containing approximately 15,000 sq. ft. of retail space and approximately 8,000 sq. ft. of community space, and related site improvements; to permit office use on the ground floor, medical office use, retail and personal establishments of more than 5,000 sq. ft., eating and drinking establishments of more than 5,000 sq. ft., retail banking and financial services, and health club establishments on the ground floor; and reduced minimum setbacks of side setback of office building, and front setback of retail/community building; parking facility design standards including stall width, stall depth, maneuvering space for end stalls, minimum width for entrance and exit driveways, tandem stalls, number of required off-street loading facilities and design standards of same, landscape screening requirements, surfacing and curbing requirements and one foot candle lighting at 327 GROVE STREET, Ward 4, on land known as SBL 42, 11, 3A containing approx. 9.4 acres of land in a proposed Mixed Use 3 Transit Oriented Zoned district.

Presentation to the Committee of the Whole, October 2, 2013
Presentation to the Planning and Development Board, July 9th, 2013


Site Plans- Revised 07.23.13

Working Sessions 

08.06.13 - Draft Board Order #258-12(2)
07.30.13 - Draft Board Order-Continued-Cover Letter
07.23.13 - Draft Board Order #258-12 and 258-12(2)
06.18.13 - Continued, Working Session Memo (327 Grove Street)
    * Riverside Powerpoint Presentation
    * Hotel Indigo Memo (399 Grove Street) 
    * Hotel Indigo Powerpoint Presentation 
    * Developer's Powerpoint Presentation
    * Letter from Transportation Director, 6/18/13
    * Email from Newton Public Schools regarding enrollment at Williams School, 5/20/13
    * Project Timeline

05.21.13 - Continued
    * 05.21.13 - Developer's Presentation

04.02.13 - Continued

03.05.13 - discussing transportation and parking items related to the Riverside project

Public Hearings
12.18.12 - Continued Public Hearing, Riverside
11.27.12 - Continued Public Hearing, Riverside
11.13.12 - Detailed Resonses From Developer
10.16.12 - 327 Grove Street Memo
Executive Summary,Attachments 

12.18.12 - Continued Public Hearing, 399 Grove Street, Hotel Indigo
11.27.12 - Continued Public Hearing, 399 Grove Street, Hotel Indigo
10.09.12 - 399 Grove Street

Special Permit Application 8.23.12
Supporting Documents
Water and Sewer Easement Plans

Grove St. Tree Removal and Replacement Application under Scenic Roads 
Planning and Development Board - Public Hearing 9.24.12 - Application

FST Peer Review - Parking/Shared Parking Study, November 6, 2012
Transportation Peer Review -Executive Summary, August 2012
Transportation Peer Review, August 2012
Traffic Impact and Assessment Study, February 2012

Zoning & Planning Memorandums
 Zoning & Planing Working Session - 04.09.12    
 Zoning & Planning Public Hearing - 03.22.12
 Zoning & Planning Working Session - 02.24.12    
 Zoning & Planning Working Session - 02.09.12

Conceptual Review
Questions and Answers

Charles River Pathway Plan

Project Information - Land Use Committee

Community Meeting, June 26, 2012, Presentation
Community Meeting, October 6, 2011
  BH Normandy Riverside LLC, Presentation 
   BH Normandy Riverside LLC, Handout 
Community Meeting on June 1, 2011  

Draft Environmental Impact Report - June 2011
  Cover Letter 
   Project Description and Permitting 
   Alternatives Analysis 
   Greenhouse Gas Emissions 
   Traffic and Transportation 
   Air Quality 
   Wetlands - Drainage 
   Water Supply 
   Hazardous Waste 
   Construction Period Impacts 
   Mitigation and Proposed Draft Section 61 Findings 
   Response to Comments 
   Secretary's Certificate and Comment Letters 
   Community Meeting June 9, 2011 PPT Presentation 
   Transportation Technical Appendix 
   Greenhouse Gas Analysis Technical Data 
   Mesoscale Air Quality Analysis Technical Data 
   Stormwater Mangement Plan Tech Data 
   Noise Assessment 
   Subsurface Investigations 

Community Presentation from June 16, 2010 

Community Meeting, March 11, 2010
  Community Presentation March 11, 2010 - Meeting Summary 
   Community Presentation, March 2010 
   Aerial Map of Project Area with Topography 
   Community Meeting, March 11, 2010 
   Riverside MBTA Station Redevelopment - Traffic Impact and Access Study - March 2010
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