Proposed Northland Development Project on Needham & Oak Streets

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The proposed project on Needham and Oak Streets, 156 Oak Street, 275-281 Needham Street and 55 Tower Road, includes 14 buildings varying in height from 3 to 8 stories with a total of 800 housing units (140 of which will be affordable), 180,000 square feet of office space and 115,000 square feet of commercial space on a 22.6 acre site. Updated Site Plan Revised 2/14/19

Additionally, #425-18, was submitted to request to rezone three parcels for Northland Development petition for a change of zone to BUSINESS USE 4 for land located at 156 Oak Street (Section 51 Block 28 Lot 5A), 275-281 Needham Street (Section 51, Block 28, Lot 6) and 55 Tower Road (Section 51 Block 28 Lot 5), currently zoned MU1.

Click here  to view all documents submitted (Plans, Zoning Review, Applications, Memos) to the City Council's Land Use Committee for the Northland Project at "Needham Street/Oak Street/Tower Road, #426-18".  

Click here to view 3D Model of the proposed project.

Select Design Elements- October 24, 2019

Northland Initial TDM Work Plan October 24, 2019

City of Newton Northland Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines Evaluation Template

Northland Memo on Universal Design October 9, 2019

Northland Memo on Sustainability Strategies October 8, 2019

Site Plans April 12, 2019


Fiscal Analysis & Peer Review


Meeting Date Memos/Resources
December 2, 2019-Full City Council Memo-Responses to Council Questions
November 18, 2019-- Full City Council

Final Council Order (Clean version)

Final Council Order (Redlined version)

Memo-Summary of Conditions

Northland Memo to City Council

Rezoning Order

Exhibit to Rezoning Order

November 7, 2019 Planning Memo-Updated Design Guidelines
October 29, 2019 Planning Memo-Draft Council Order & Recap
October 15, 2019 Planning Inter-Office Memo-Draft Council Order
September 24, 2019 Planning Inter-Office Memo- Draft Council Order
September 11, 2019 Planning Memo-Revised Design Guidelines, Proposed Rezoning, & Transportation Demand Management
 August 6, 2019 Planning Memo - Transportation
 June 18, 2019 Planning Memo - Transportation
May 14, 2019  Planning Memo-Architectural & Design Guidelines, Sustainability, & Stormwater Management
 April 9, 2019 Planning Memo -Transportation
March 12, 2019  Planning Memo - Project Revision
January 15, 2019  Planning Memo - Transportation
December 11, 2018 Planning Memo-Housing and Economic Impacts
November 13, 2018  Planning Memo 
September 25, 2018  Planning Memo 

Historic Decisions:
October 26, 2017
Mass Historic Memorandum of Agreement, June 2018
NHC Approval of Memorandum of Agreement, July 13, 2018


 November 19, 2017 - New Concept Enhancing the N2 District and Linking to the Upper Falls Neighborhood

Northland Investment Corporation, and the City of Newton presented a vision for the redevelopment of Northland’s parcels in the N2Innovation District. The first phase in a detailed planning process that will require extensive community input, the presentation will include concept plans for effectively integrating housing, retail, and office space. The team will also discuss community focused benefits, including enhanced open spaces, connections to the Upper Falls Greenway and improved street level experience.   

Watch the Presentation for Northland Development Project from November 2, 2016:



Take a look at the Northland Concept Boards

Former Mayor Setti Warren's November 2, 2016 Press Release.

Article in Newton Tab by Johnathan Dame, November 4, 2016.

Article in Boston Globe by Jon Chesto November 1, 2016.

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