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Massachusetts Department of Transportation - Highway Division 
Notice of Public Hearing - Thursday, January 8, 2015, 7:00PM
Countryside School Auditorium, 191 Dedham Street, Newton

Public hearing to discuss proposed design for reconstruction of Needham Street.
For 25% preliminary design plans (subject to revision) click pages 1-50pages 51-100 and pages 101-145.


Needham Street Briefing Book - August 2013
The Briefing Book was prepared by the Planning and Development Department as a prelude to the anticipated Master Plan: to update the public on past work and current plans, and to guide the City staff as we continue to listen and learn, to vision and to plan for a more sustainable future for the Needham Street Corridor. Download the Briefing Book here.

Envisioning Needham Street Community Meeting, Thursday, June 6, 2013 from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Download the meeting flyer here.
Download the presentation (both City and MassDOT slides) here.


Summer 2011 Update
Read an update on the Planning Department's work on outreach, research, conducting a survey of businesses, and master planning work here.

Functional Design Report 2011
The City received the Functional Design Report for the Highland Avenue/Needham Street/Winchester Street Reconstruction Project prepared for MassDOT prepared by FST in May 2011. To view it, please click HERE.

Public Presentation Night, Wednesday, June 1, 2011 
The public was invited to offer their "big ideas" about what should happen on Needham Street on Public Presentation Night. An attentive audience listened to nine presentations by residents, activists, business owners, and architects who spoke about their ideas for the future of the Needham Street Corridor. The six PowerPoint presentations that were delivered are available as PDF files here. Look for more notes and information soon.

Community Visioning Workshop, Thursday, April 14, 2011
On April 14th, over 40 people gathered for a discussion on the future of Needham Street. Candace Havens, Director of the Department of Planning and Development, welcomed the group and gave a background presentation on past planning efforts, existing conditions, and the current planning process for Needham Street. Attendees then broke into randomly-assigned groups facilitated by Planning Department staff for discussion of existing conditions and visions for what Needham Street might become over the next 20 years. A representative from each group presented each groups vision statement; the statements were then posted on a wall and all attendees had the opportunity to allocate votes (in the form of red dot stickers) to statements that particularly spoke to them. Some of the common themes that emerged and that we hope to build on in future meetings include:

  • Transportation should be provided for all modes of travel (pedestrian, bike, transit, vehicle, train) and consideration should be given to reuse of the abandoned rail bed right-of-way for travel parallel to Needham Street.
  • Future development should include a mix of land uses and open space, which create interest and diversity (such as retail with residential above, offices, entertainment, and pocket parks).
  • Master plans should make connections in and around the corridor and should integrate adjacent neighborhoods and connect to nearby villages.
  • Needham Street should be a destination that is safe, has a sense of place, and is youth-friendly.
  • Improvements should be aesthetically pleasing and should balance land uses and open space.
  • A PDF of the meeting flyer is available here
  • A PDF of the meeting presentation is available here
  • A PDF with the Meeting Notes including summaries of each groups discussions of "likes" and "dislikes" about the current street, followed by summaries of groups vision statements and "red dot voting" (shown by group and by topic) is available here


"Envisioning Needham Street" MIT Study Fall 2010
Throughout the fall 2010 semester, the Planning Department had the enthusiastic assistance of a class of MIT graduate students from the Department of Urban Studies and Planning studying the Needham Street corridor. In addition to talking with stakeholders, the students held two community meetings at City Hall in October and in December to present their work and seek feedback. The Planning Department was very pleased to see a great turn-out at both meetings including several property owners, business owners, and residents of Needham Street.

  • At a community meeting at City Hall on October 28th, they presented their preliminary findings and analysis on land use, zoning, transportation, and development. A PDF of the first presentation is available here.
  • The students then refined their ideas and presented their final recommendations at a second community meeting on Thursday, December 2nd. A PDF of the second presentation is available here.
  • A PDF of the Final Report is available here.
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