Melrose Street, 283-Turtle Lane Playhouse

Application Overview
The project petitioner, Turtle Lane LLC, originally sought a special permit to renovate/restore the existing Turtle Lane Playhouse, including constructing an addition to the existing building to provide new space for an office and restaurant, and to construct a new 23-unit, three-story residential building with an underground parking garage.  To facilitate the project the petitioner is seeking a rezoning of the parcel from Multi-Residence 1 to Mixed Use 4.  The site consists of approximately 43,783 square feet of land.  The links below were submitted as part of the application.  There were several modification to the project subsequent to the original filing, as noted below.

Traffic Study
Petitioner Response to Peer Review
Parking Count
Shadow Study
Bicycle Rack Location
Revised Engineering Plans_6_12_15

Update May 2015:

The petitioner requested to withdraw and re-file the petition with modifications to the site programming to replace the proposed restaurant and office space (new) with six residential units.  The revised floor plans and elevations for the portion of the addition to the existing building that has been modified are provided below.

Revised Floor Plan and Elevation

Update September 2015:
The petitioner has made further revisions to the site plan and site programming to reduce the size of the new multi-family dwelling to 16 units and to reduce the number of units in the extension of the theatre building to four units. 

Revised Site Plan and Floor Plans - 7-27-15

Update November 2015:
The following documents were prepared by the petitioner for the public hearing on November 17.   Please note that the Utility and Grading Plans in the revised plans below indicate a proposed restaurant, which is a typographical error.  There is no restaurant proposed and the petitioner will revise these two sheets. 

Proposed Programming for Theatre
Petitioner Response to Requested Conditions
Peer Review Supplemental Memo
Petitioner Response to Peer Review
Revised Site Plan and Floor Plan - 11-3-15
Drainage Calculations Existing
Drainage Calculations Proposed
Revised Building Area Calculation
Petitioner Response to Engineering Memorandum
Petitioner Response Miscellaneous
Inclusionary Housing Plan

Update November 27, 2015:
The petitioner submitted the following revised engineering plans. 

Stormwater Management Program 11-24
Stormwater Calc Existing_11-24
Stormwater Calc - net increase_11-24
Stormwater Calc - Proposed_11-24
Revised Engineering Plans 11-24

Update November 30, 2015:
The petitioner submitted the following engineering plans and a summary of the theatre hours. 

Revised Stormwater Summary and Calculations
Revised Engineering Plans_11-30
Theatre Operations Summary - 11-30

Planning Department Review
The Planning Department and other relevant City departments technical review, and the Peer Review regarding traffic and parking are included below.  The Planning Department will complete its review of the revised plans and any supplemental information provided by the petitioner before the next scheduled public hearing.

Planning Department Public Hearing Memo
Peer Review
Planning Department Public Hearing Memo_5-15
Planning Department Public Hearing Memo_6-23
Engineering Memo 11-5
Planning Department Public Hearing Memo 11-17
Planning Department Public Hearing Memo 12-1
Engineering Memorandun 12-1

Planning and Development Board Review
The Planning and Development Board reviews the proposed rezoning of the subject property from a Multi-Residence 1 to Mixed Use 4 district and provides a nonbinding recommendation to the Land Use Committee.  The Planning and Development Board held a public hearing on November 17, 2015. 

Planning Department Memo for P&D Board for Rezoning

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