Kesseler Woods

2015 Amendment

Application Overview
The petitioner, Chestnut Hill Realty Development, LLC, is looking to amend the previous special permit approval via Board Order #102-06(12) for a multi-family residential building on property located along LaGrange Street. The subject property consists of a vacant wooded lot comprised of approximately 640,847 square feet, or 14.7 acres, of land and is part of the Kesseler Woods Subdivision. The modifications will increase the number of residential units from 80 to 88 and will require minor changes to the underground parking garage and surface parking areas to increase the available number of parking stalls by 16 spaces. As proposed, the amended project will not increase the building envelop or footprint, the area of land disturbance, or increase the amount of subsurface material removed through blasting.

The links below were submitted as part of the application and provide an overview of the amendment request. To view the full application, please contact Jennifer Caira at 617.796.1121 or

Updated Plan Set, revised date March 4, 2015

Supplemental Traffic Impact Assessment, dated February 6, 2015 
Updated Inclusionary Housing Plan, dated March 11, 2015

Land Use Committee Review

The Board of Alderman will hold a public hearing on proposed amendments to the previous special permit issued for the Kesseler Woods residential develop project on Tuesday, April 7, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the Aldermanic Chamber of City Hall.  All interested parties are encouraged to attend the meeting.  If you are unable to attend please send your written comments to Nadia Khan, Land Use Committee Clerk, at , or mail to City of Newton, Clerks Office, Attn: Nadia Khan, 1000 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, MA 02459.

Previous Information

Special Permit Application #102-06(12)

Application Overview

The project petitioner, Chestnut Hill Realty Development, LLC, is seeking to amend the existing special permit #102-06(10) for the Kesseler Woods Residential Development project and waivers for other design and dimensional controls.  The amend proposal is for a four-story, 80-unit, multi-family building. The petitioner is proposing to change the location of the multi-family building, parking areas, driveway, and landscaping. The site is currently zoned Single Residence 2, but will change to Multi-Residence 3 under this proposal. A total of 157 on-site parking spaces are proposed, most of which would be in an underground parking structure.

Traffic Impact Assessment Report
Traffic Impact Assessment Report Attachments
Stormwater Report

Supplemental Information

Petitioner's Response, dated October 16, 2014
Transportation Consultant Response, dated October 15, 2014
Transportation Consultant Response-Attachments, dated October 15, 2014 
Transportation Consultant Response- Intersection Plan, dated October 15, 2014
Petitioner's Revised Plan Set, dated October 24, 2014
Traffic Consultant Response-Sight Line Assessment, dated November 3, 2014
Petitioner's Response and Revised Plans, dated November 6, 2014

Planning Department Memorandum's

Public Hearing Memorandum, dated November 10, 2014
Public Hearing Memorandum, dated October 24, 2014
Public Hearing Memorandum, dated September 19, 2014

Draft Board Order, dated November 17, 2014

Peer Review of Kesseler Woods Traffic Impact Assessment, dated October 8, 2014

Previous Information

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