Carlson Ave Subdivision

Mount Ida College proposes to subdivide a portion of the campus into 8 new single family lots, including the Boulder Farm House (which is to be relocated onto the main campus).  In order to facilitate the subdivision, a “private way or street” is being “created” which is extended off the previously approved subdivision and private way which included a single approximately 5 acre lot currently owned by the Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; which was extended off the public portion of Carlson Avenue. For additional information please contact the Newton Planning and Development Department at 617-796-1121. 


Carlson Avenue Extension (Private Way)_dated November 14, 2017

Proposed Carlson Avenue (Private Way)_dated May 25, 2017

Plan of Land_dated April 6, 2017


Project Updates

Order of Conditions and Newton's Findings & Special Conditions_dated December 21, 2017 

Planning Dept. Memorandum_dated November 30, 2017

Engineering Memorandum_dated November 28, 2017

Certificate of Action_dated May 30, 2017

Planning and Development Board May 1, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Planning and Development Board May 1, 2017 Meeting Agenda Packet



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