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CPA Proposals & Projects

Newton Housing Authority


  • Amy Zarechian, Executive Director
    Newton Housing Authority
    82 Lincoln Street, Newton Highlands, MA 02461
    phone: 617.552.5501
  • January-February 2018, for questions or comments about the Jackson Road/Haywood House project:
    Christine Long, Capital Improvements Coordinator
    Newton Housing Authority (mailing address & phone number above)

projects below:

Jackson Road New Senior Housing

(Haywood House) 

Jackson Road, Newton Corner, MA 02458
(rear of 83-127 Kennedy Circle, Newton Corner, MA 02458)

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goals: Create a 55-unit rental building with an elevator and community space for utilities and supportive services. All units will have 1 bedroom and be limited to seniors, with 13 units rented at market rates and additional units permanently affordable as follows: 11 units for households with up to 30% of the Area Median Income (AMI); 21 units for households with up to 60% AMI; 10 moderate-income units for households with between 81 and 99% of AMI. Some units may be designated for households that have been homeless or are at risk for homelessness.

total funding:
$2,500,000 CPA request
$7,850,000 permanent loan (bank / public agencies)
$11,000,000 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) and 4% Massachusetts Housing Tax Credits
 $750,000   MA HOME funds
$1,000,000  MA (DHCD) Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF)
$750,000    MA Facilities Consolidation Fund (FCF)
 $750,000    MA Housing Stabilization Fund (HSF)
$750,000     MA Community Based Housing Fund (CBH)
$710,496     Deferred developer fee
$26,060,496 Approx. TOTAL PROJECT COST


Funding Process


26 February 2016 - pre-proposal ($1 million in CPA funding)

10 March 2016 - minutes of the CPC's pre-proposal discussion

22 March 2017 - Newton Housing Authority update to CPC

15-31 May 2017 - revised pre-proposal ($2 million in CPA funding)

16 June 2017 - phase 2 site environmental assessment

16 June 2017 - market analysis (estimating effective demand for these units)

7 July 2017 - original full proposal; for final revisions, see December 2017 proposal below:

4 August 2017 - letters to the CPC about this proposal received to date (League of Women Voters, Council on Aging, Fair Housing Committee)

9 August 2017 - The Housing Authority withdrew this proposal for revision and future resubmission.

November 2017 - updates to the CPC:

  • 1 November 2017, outlining a new tentative plan and budget, with 55 units and $2 million CPA funding request
  • 22 November 2017, also with 55 units but with $2.5 million CPA funding request

20 December 2017 - updated full proposal; does not repeat attachments from the July 2017 proposal above that were still valid:

18 January 2018 - community letters received to date (not submitted by proposal sponsor)

Project News

1874-1929 - historic maps of the project area

Wyman Street Apartments

52-54 Wyman Street, Waban, MA 02468

goals: Create 10 deed-restricted, 2-bedroom units of rental housing that will be permanently affordable to households with up to 50 percent of the area median income, in a 1950s building in the village center of Waban, on the MBTA's Green Line.

total funding:
$1,000,000 CP funds appropriated & spent (community housing)
$1,550,000 City of Newton inclusionary zoning funds
$1,000,000 Village Bank mortgage
$17,995 CDBG de-leading grant (Newton fed'l funds)


Funding Process



October 2004 - proposal, with

10 December 2004 - Planning Dept. staff memo:

15 December 2004 - CPC funding recommendation (revised April 2005)


19 April 2005 - CPC memo to Board of Aldermen on tenant income levels

19 April 2005 - Board order (appropriation)

Project News

27 July 2005 - project grant agreement

May 2009 - confirmation of total project costs

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