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Webster & Cohen Conservation Areas



    300 Hammond Pond Parkway (Rear) / Webster Woods

    Off Hammond Pond Parkway, Chestnut Hill, MA Newton Centre, MA 02467; north of state Dept. of Conservation & Recreation Hammond Pond Reservation, abutting City of Newton Webster & Cohen Conservation Areas accessed from Warren & Elgin Streets, Newton Centre, MA 02459

    photos credit: Dan Brody, Newton Conservators

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    Protect the open space character of the rear portion of this property by acquiring either land or a conservation restriction. 


     planning / pre-acquisition
     $100,000   CPA funds requested
     $5,000   City of Newton general fund budget contribution
     acquisition (tbd)


    Proposal Review & Appropriations

    21 June-3 July 2018 - pre-proposal for funding of professional services

    August - September 2018 - proposal for funding of professional services (including 2015 letters from the Conservation Commission and Board of Aldermen resolution)

    13 September 2018 - community letters received to date (not submitted by proposal sponsor)

    13 September 2018 - presentation to Newton CPC public hearing

    • At this hearing, the CPC voted unanimously to recommend the requested funding.

    Project Background & News

    1650s-1970s - Webster & Cohen Conservation Areas land use & ownership timeline 

    1874-1953 - Hammond Pond Parkway area maps; see 1917 map (also displayed below) for land then owned by Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) prior to construction of the Parkway

    August 1954 - 300 Hammond Pond Parkway sold by MDC to Congregation Mishkan Tefila (deed, restriction)

    October-November 2015 - support for open space preservation at 300 Hammond Pond Parkway:

    May 2016 - 300 Hammond Pond Parkway sold by Congregation Mishkan Tefila to Boston College (deed)

    August 2017 - appraisal of 300 Hammond Pond Parkway for the City of Newton

    March 2018 - Mayor's Advisory Panel for 300 Hammond Pond Parkway  

    July 2018 - map of trails on this parcel, from Newton's Geographic Information System

    Elgin Street Conservation Land

    190 Elgin Street, Newton Centre, MA 02459


    Acquire as an addition to the Cohen Conservation Area 30,514 adjacent square feet in Newton Centre and expand existing conservation restriction to include the entire property.


     $245,000 CPA funds appropriated (open space)
     $242,541  CPA funds spent (unspent balance returned)


    Proposal Review & Appropriations

    29 October 2002 - proposal

    30 April 2002 - appraisal, commissioned by property owner

    14 January 2003 - original conservation restriction & deed (site plan on final 2 pages)

    3 February 2003 - revised proposal

    11 February 2003 - independent appraisal, commissioned by CPC (long document, may load slowly)

    13 May 2003 - site plans

    7 April 2003 - CPC funding recommendation

    7 April 2003 - Board order (appropriation)

    Project News

    19 December 2001 - original conservation restriction

    23 December 2004 - amended conservation restriction (S. Middlesex Registry of Deeds, book 44360, pages 422 and 413)

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