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Stearns & Pellegrini Parks 

Stearns Park:

Pellegrini Park:


Create and implement a master plan, based on community participation/visioning, to help these two parks meet long-term neighborhood recreation needs on Newton's densely populated north side.


$24,546 CPA funds spent (recreation land)
$5,454 CPA funds appropriated for the Master Plan, returned unspent to Community Preservation Fund
$765,825 CPA funds appropriated for final design & construction, phase 1; returned unspent due to court decision (see notes below)
NOTES On 24 October 2008, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court upheld a claim filed by 10 Newton residents that this project was not an allowable use of funds under the Community Preservation Act at that time (SJC-10135, Seideman v. Newton ).
Partially motivated by this decision, in July 2012 the state legislature amended the Community Preservation Act to allow the use of CPA funds to rehabilitate outdoor recreation land not originally acquired or created with CPA funds.
For the text of the current CPA statute, see this website's About the CPA page.


Robert J. DeRubeis, City of Newton Commissioner of Parks & Recreation
246 Dudley Road, Newton, MA 02459

Proposal Review & Appropriations

2003-2004 master plan for both parks

October 2003 - initial proposal

23 January 2004 - revised proposal

24 February 2004 - CPC recommendation

20 April 2004 - Board order (appropriation)

2005-2006 final design & construction, phase 1 (not funded)

3 October 2005 - initial proposal, with site plans and photos (these files may load slowly), and evidence of community support

4 January 2006 - revised proposal

6 February 2006 - initial CPC recommendation

March-April 2006 - revised proposals: 9 March 2006 revision and 13 April 2006 revision

10 May 2006 - revised CPC recommendation

15 May 2006 - Board order (appropriation); see notes above on the court decision that led to the return of these funds

Project News

26 September 2005 - Master Plan for Stearns & Pellegrini Parks (this file may load slowly)

24 October 2008 - Supreme Judicial Court decision 10135, in Seideman v. Newton


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