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Open Space & Recreation Planning


Plan for the acquisition, creation and preservation of open space and land for outdoor recreation in Newton.



$4,000 CPA funds appropriated & spent (open space)


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Newton Open Space & Recreation (2014-20) 


Hire a consultant to help the City of Newton complete a new Recreation & Open Space Plan to guide acquisition, management, & funding decisions; and to qualify for state and federal grants.


$4,000 CPA funds appropriated (open space)


Director of Planning & Development
City of Newton
1000 Commonwealth Avenue
Newton Centre, MA 02459

Proposal Review & Appropriations

7 March 2011 - letter from Director of Planning & Development

28 March 2011 - pre-proposal, including tentative timeline

3 May 2011 - proposal, including: timeline, project manager & consultant resumes, budget, list of participating City depts. & community groups

18 May 2011 - public hearing presentation

13 June 2011 - CPC funding recommendation

8 August 2011 - Board order (appropriation)

Project Background & News

final Open Space & Recreation Plan:
(Under "Long-range Planning" from Planning Department webpages.)

maps presentation by CPC staff, including historic maps of Newton's wetlands and parks (large file, may load slowly)

10 June 2012 - summary of survey results (graphs)


Needham Street Open Space Plan

Needham Street, from the Charles River to Route 9 (Newton Upper Falls & Newton Highlands)


Identify and prioritize opportunities to create new public and private open spaces and wildlife habitat during the long-planned redevelopment of Needham Street and abutting properties, including options to "daylight" culverted portions of South Meadow Brook.


$70,000 CPA funds to be requested (open space)


James Freas, Chief Planner for Long-Term Planning
Newton Dept. of Planning & Development
1000 Commonwealth Avenue
Newton Centre, MA 02459
phone: 617.796.1131

Proposal Review & Appropriations

3 June 2013 - pre-proposal

20 June 2013 - Newton Law Dept. memo on CPA eligibility

Project News

Needham Street webpage (linked to Planning & Development Department webpage for "High-Interest Projects")


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