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Community Preservation Program

Watertown Street / Nonantum Village Place

Community Housing

location: 234 Watertown Street
Nonantum, MA 02458
goals: Support the creation of 35 housing units for very low-income seniors in a staffed group living facility.
$850,000 CP funds appropriated & spent (community housing)
$3,167,000 federal 202 funds (Dept. of Housing & Urban Development)
$815,000 CDBG funds
$600,000 MassHousing Affordable Housing Trust funds
$500,000 state Housing Innovations Fund funds
$178,092 sponsor funds (CASCAP)
$100,000 Farnsworth Fund (private foundation)
$26,000 Anonymous donor
$77,924 Energy rebates
$50,000 Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston funds
$47,000 Newton Housing Authority funds


as certified upon project completion to the U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development
contacts: Michael Haran, CEO
& Marcia Hannon
678 Massachusetts Avenue, 10th Floor
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
phone: 617.492.5559 (gen'l),
617.234.2905 (Haran), 617.576.0823 (Hannon)
Proposal Review & Appropriations
31 October 2002 proposal and list of attachments 
proposal attachments:
comprehensive permit
site environmental hazards
community benefits
site plans, floor plans & elevations
funding timeline & budget
developer's credentials
federal senior housing program
letters of support
22 August 2001 CDBG funding for acquisition (Community Development Block Grant)
14 January 2003 MassHousing funds for acquisition
7 April 2003 CPC recommendation
8 April 2003 housing preference for Newton residents
9 April 2003 Board order (appropriation)
Project News
25 September 2003 CDBG funding for environmental testing
30 September 2003 project timeline
16 December 2003 affordable housing deed restriction
30 March 2004 Community Preservation grant agreement
2003 to 2004 construction photos
as of June 2012 CASCAP's residence application for this project was offline, see CASCAP contact information above to inquire.