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Whipple-Beal Cast Iron Fence

Newton Cemetery Section K, Lot 154, Main Avenue


Restore and as necessary reconstruct the decorative cast iron fence around the Whipple-Beal family lot in the private Newton Cemetery, which was established in 1855. This lot includes the cemetery's first burial, Jessie Annie Whipple, who died at the age of 3 months and was buried in October 1856, as well as the burials of her brothers Orrin (died at 2 months, 1857) and Willie (died at 12 hours, 1861). Similar fences were very popular during the Victorian era, but this is the last remaining decorative fence of any kind in Newton Cemetery.


$60,000 CPA (historic resources)
 $7,500 value of Newton Cemetery staff time to be contributed for project management and restoration work
 $7,000 community fundraising by Friends of Newton Cemetery, for interpretive signage

Funding Process


2 May 2017 - pre-proposal, including maps, photos and analysis of historic significance

May 2017 - page about the Whipple-Beal fence on Newton Cemetery website:

May 2017 - 3-dimensional scan of the Whipple-Beal fence (*.mp4 movie file)

29 September 2017 - full proposal, posted as two files:

  • proposal with budgets (including project summary/proposal form, project budgets & funding sources, sponsor finances & qualifications, letters of support)
  • site & history (including photos, maps, historic significance, site ownership, backup for project scope & costs, plan for historic preservation restriction) 

A public hearing on this proposal is scheduled for 16 November 2017. Written comments on the proposal received by 27 October 2017 can be forwarded to the CPC before the hearing.

Project News


(additional information will be added here as appropriate)

Civil War Soldiers' Monument

Newton Cemetery, 791 Walnut Street, Newton Centre, MA 02459-1719 

Note: This monument and its lot are owned by the City of Newton. The grounds around the monument are maintained by the private Newton Cemetery. Funds for the monument's restoration were appropriated to the control of the Newton Planning & Development Department.


Restore the stonework and masonry, including appropriate mortar, of the City-owned Civil War Monument, sited in Newton Cemetery (private). This memorial, constructed in 1864 with funds donated by the citizens of Newton, was the second in Massachusetts and one of the first in the country to honor soldiers who had lost their lives during the Civil War.


$15,000 CP funds appropriated for assessment & recommendations (historic resources)
$13,161 CP funds spent for assessment & recommendations (unspent balance returned to CP Fund)
Note: The appropriation for this assessment also included other funds to assess the exterior stairs to the War Memorial Auditorium at City Hall.

CP funds appropriated for final specifications & restoration

$99,895 CP funds spent for final specifications & restoration ($34,105 returned unspent to CP Fund)


  • Katy Hax Holmes, Senior Preservation Planner
    Dept. of Planning & Development
    Newton City Hall, 1000 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton Centre, MA 02459
    phone: 617.796.1143

Funding Process

2004-05 assessment

October 2004 - proposal

30 March 2005 - CPC funding recommendation

16 May 2005 - Board order (appropriation)

2012 specifications & restoration

February-March 2012 - pre-proposal and letters of support

4 April 2012 - full proposal (long file, may load slowly),

9 April 2012 - CIty of Newton Law Dept. memo (confirming City responsibility for maintenance & repair)

24 April 2012 - presentation to the CPC (includes photos & historical information)

30 April 2012 - CPC recommendation

18 June 2012 - Board order (appropriation)

Project News

1864-1930s - Civil War Monument deed & history

1873 - Civil War Monument in City of Newton Annual Report

June 2006 - Interim Assessment Report

June 2007 - Final Assessment Report, including recommendations (long file, may load slowly and plans

March 2013 - project construction contract

May-December 2014 - rededication, documentation and interpretation:

August 2015 - final project report to the CPC, including photos of construction and the rededication ceremony

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