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Historic Newton 

The Jackson Homestead, 527 Washington Street, Newton Corner, MA 02458

Historic Newton ( is a public-private partnership between a City department (the Jackson Homestead/ Newton History Museum) and a private nonprofit organization (the Newton Historical Society).

Note: The Jackson Homestead is owned by the City of Newton. Funds for work on the building must be appropriated to the control of the Public Buildings Department.

Total Funding:

$1,280,018.48 total CPA funds spent for all projects below (Museum Exterior and Museum Archives), as of December 2016



Funding total above does not include the following projects funded directly through Historic Newton, which are documented on separate webpages (click links below):


  • Lisa Dady, Executive Director, Historic Newton
    527 Washington Street, Newton Corner, MA 02458
  • Josh Morse, Newton Public Buildings Commissioner
    52 Elliot Street, Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464

  • Derek Mannion, Supeintendent of Maintenance, Newton Parks, Recreation and Culture
    246 Dudley Road, Newton , MA 02464

Jackson Homestead Fence Replacement



Replace approximately 200-210 feet of badly damaged and decaying cedar picket fencing along the Jackson Road property line including two 4'x4' walk gates and one 12' double gate for vehicles. The CPA funds would cover the cost of removal and disposal of old materials as well as the installation of a new fence. The


 $18,244 CPA funds requested (August 2020)

Project Oversight by Lisa Dady (Historic Newton) and Derek Mannion (Public Buildings)



Funding Process

August 21, 2020 - Pre-Proposal Application submitted for CPC Review. Additional Materials submitted include:

Museum Archives, Accessibility & Fire Suppression 



Protect the Jackson Homestead/Newton History Museum's collections, historic building and visitors by expanding and upgrading spaces for the storage and use of two-dimensional collections (printed materials, manuscripts and photographs), while also providing handicap accessibility and fire suppression systems that meet current standards.

Historic Newton/Public Buildings Dept. estimates of total project cost:

  • $394,564 as of 14 December 2007
  • $845,897 as of 30 May 2013
  • $1,206,345 as of 15 April 2015
  • For final project reports, including budget-vs-actual summary, click here.


$1,142,345 total CPA funds appropriated, in December 2007, May 2010, October 2013, April 2015, November 2015 (see details below)
$40,000 City of Newton dedicated fund for the Jackson Homestead (originally donated by Nabisco Corp.)
$29,328.58 private donations to Historic Newton for this project
total CPA funds spent ($570.52 in unspent CPA funds returned)

Funding Process 

2007-08 funding

14 December 2007 proposal (long file; may load slowly), 14 April 2008  CPC funding recommendation, 21 July 2008 Board order  (appropriation)

2009-10 funding

13 October 2009 initial estimate, 4 December 2009 revised estimate, 28 January 2010  final proposal for supplemental funding, 12 March 2010 CPC funding recommendation, 7 May 2010 Board order (appropriation)

2011 funding request (not funded)

6 April 2011 initial estimates, 27 July 2011 proposal to CPC and submissions to Massachusetts Historical Commission and Massachusetts Architectural Access Board, 25 August 2011 Newton Historical Commission review, 29 September 2011 submission to Newton Commission on Disabilities, including:  summary & photos, site plans & elevations, floor plans

August-September 2011 - On August 17 the CPC voted 6-0 to recommend the full amount of requested funding. On September 21 the CPC then voted to hold their recommendation until the project budget was finalized based on reviews by the City's Design Review Committee, Newton Historical Commission, Newton Commission on Disabilities, Massachusetts Historical Commission, and Massachusetts Architectural Access Board. In 2013, Public Buildings submitted a new, revised budget and funding request.

2013 funding

30 May 2013 revised proposal and organizational finances attachments, 11 July 2013  presentation at CPC public hearing, 19 July 2013 external review of project plans for compliance with current building codes (this long file may load slowly), 24 July 2013 CPC funding recommendation, 10 September 2013 letter of support from Newton Commission on Disability, 7 October 2013 Board order (appropriation)

2015 funding

15 April 2015  supplemental proposal and organizational finances attachments, 14 May 2015 CPC public hearing presentation and comments from League of Women Voters, 27 May 2015 CPC funding recommendation

Based on May 2015 CPC recommendation: 15 June 2015 Board order, 16 November 2015  Board order


Project News 


1997 - preservation restriction for the Jackson Homestead, held by the Massachusetts Historical Commission

16 December 2009 - update to the CPC as part of overall presentation for all Historic Newton projects

2014-15 - construction start date extensions requested by Public Buildings Dept. (from April 2014 to July 2014, from July 2014 to October 2014, from October 2014 to May 2015

March-April 2015 - construction RFP (request for proposals) & bids received (basis for 2015 funding request)

October 2016, updated December 2016 - project final reports, including Public Buildings report of public funds spent, Historic Newton summary of private funds spent, and CPC staff total budget-vs-actual summary

Collections Storage


for Museum Three-Dimensional Collections



Design a dedicated, stand-alone storage facility for the museum's collection of three-dimensional historic objects, to be built within the envelope of the historic, City-owned Crafts Street Stable. See also: other proposals & projects for the Crafts Street Stable.


 $30,000  CP funds requested (historic resources
 $5,000  private contributions
 NOTE:  This proposal was not funded.


Funding Process


October-December 2009 - proposal, including project overviewmap & photos, project  budget, letters of support, and public hearing presentation

January-February 2010 - supplemental information requested by CPC:

24 February 2010 - CPC conditional vote to recommend funding (scroll down in mtg minutes)

14 May 2010 - City request to hold
In response to the City's request, the CPC did not forward a funding recommendation for this project to the Board of Aldermen. A revised proposal for this project may be submitted to the CPC when this project has been assigned a high current priority through the City's Capital Improvement Plan.

Museum Exterior Preservation 



Replace leaking roof; restore and rehabilitate rotted wooden exterior elements, then repaint (in a historically documented color) the 1809 house and stable wing that house the Newton History Museum, in time for the house's 200th anniversary in 2009.


 $138,244 CP funds appropriated (historic resources)

architects' fees,

covered by Public Buildings Dept. operating budget



Funding Process


5 December 2008 - proposal & plans (long file, may load slowly)

14 January 2009 - presentation at public hearing

19 February 2009 - City of Newton Law Dept. memo requested by the CPC, on
distinguishing CPA-eligible preservation from CPA-ineligible maintenance

18 March 2009 - CPC funding recommendation

18 May 2009 - Board order (appropriation)

January 2011 - Historic Newton request for revised scope of work (final)

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